I don’t know why…

I don’t know why I am writing this.  I actually have nothing of interest to say.  I am kind of hoping that the more I blog the more writing becomes natural and doesn’t seem quite so forced.

I have no idea what to write.

Today has sucked.  I don’t really know why.  I went to bed last night and just couldn’t sleep and then we woke up at 3am (i actually woke before this but have no idea what time it was) and have been awake since.  However, i did manage to finish one assignment and start (and almost complete) a second one.

I had a conversation with the other half a while back (actually this is a topic that comes up a lot) about how guys always seem to have hobbies and women don’t.  As much as I hate to say it, he is actually right.  Before he moved in I could always find something to do.  But now…i never know what to do with myself.  It becomes so boring.

I used to be able to come home each night, throw a record on the turntable and cook dinner, potter about the house and before i know it, its like 10.30.  Now…i come home, cook dinner and then … well i don’t really know.  We have a raspberry pi in both the bedroom and the lounge and we watch something while we eat.   I cant even remember the last time i used my turn table.  He can spend hours on the computer keeping himself amused.  But I just don’t have a hobby.  I even tried to Google it.  Good Lord, i wanted to poke my eyes out with a rusty fork by the time i finished reading that crap.
Cooking, cleaning,  cross stitch, knitting.  Honestly?  What is this, 1950?  I miss music.  Music is my Saving Grace.  Any mood that I am in, music will solve the problem.

What really annoys me (slightly different tangent) is that even though it is 2016 the world still thinks that women live in the 1950’s.
I need to buy a new iPad.  My iPad i have had for 6 years, its dying a very slow death (and i mean SLOW!).  But I discovered the Apple News App.  Which is fantastic, it satisfies my inner nerd. Great!  I can read about all the latest Tech news, new PC games (not that I play games), new gaming consoles, space, NASA, Planets, Medical stuff.  You name it and its probably in there.  I love this app.
However, Apple sucks big hairy donkey balls and makes their products way more expensive than they should be.
Next option:  Samsung Tablets.  I love my Samsung phone.  However, do you think i can find an app similar to the Apple News App?  NO!  That would be too easy.  I did in fact Google it.  I tried to see if there was anything out there that is similar.  Do you know what they came up with?  Flipboard.

Have you been on Flipboard recently?  I’m pretty sure it is designed for middle aged women who sit around cooking, cleaning and knitting all day.  Do i look like one of those people????  NO!  I tried to look for space and tech stuff but it was so limited.  Don’t get me wrong, its there, its just very limited.  It all seems to be “how to decorate this room with that”, “Bake this amazing Gluten free, Lactose Free, sugar free cheesecake”, “Knit this amazing warm jersey for your cat” “how to clean soap scum off your shower”.  Honestly, this shit bores me.  Give me autopsies (which I follow on Instagram – check out Mrs_angemi on Instagram if you want to see some awesome autopsy photos), or give me space stuff.  Give me tech stuff.  I don’t want to know how best to wash a large rug or cook an amazing roast.  Its not me.

Anyways, for someone who didn’t really have anything to say i think I’ve waffled a fair bit.  Until next time bloggers.

You are who you are.
S 😉


~ by adventuresofglittergirl on 23 August, 2016.

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