Isn’t it funny how a bear likes Honey?

I have always envied people who can write.  Those people who can just sit down with pen and paper in front of them, their laptop or iPad open and just start writing.  Writing with a purpose.  I’ve always wanted to be one of those people.  Instead I am one of those people who get this overwhelming feeling that I need to write and I can see the words in front of me, but I’m running after them and they are always just slightly out of arms reach.  Before the moment has even begun, its over.  Its gone.  I can no longer see those words.  I’ve no idea what it was that I wanted to write about.
Instead I am left with this feeling in the pit of my stomach.  Emptiness.  A moment lost to time.  Frustration.  I even dream these moments.  I am writing or reading back what I have written and in my dream the words are as clear as day.  As soon as I open my eyes, for that split second they are still there, and then gone again.

I’ve been reading back on some of these posts and cringe.  I’ve no idea what I was thinking when I wrote some of these.  It just doesn’t seem like me.  Or maybe it was and I’ve just grown up since then.  To be fair it has been three years since I last updated my blog.


~ by adventuresofglittergirl on 17 August, 2016.

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