If it seems as though you haven’t “felt at all how” for a long time, look behind you. It could be that your tail is missing.

When your tail is missing, remember that you have every right to Mope.

Having your tail recovered is well and good, but remember that it will have to be reattached. With a hammer and a nail.

Frustration is an emotion I have always struggled with, most other emotions I can easily hide if I need to or want too, but frustration is a whole different ball game.
As a kid my biggest frustration came from numbers. Maths and I just didn’t get along, I’d get frustrated by not understanding it to the point I’d go hide in my room and cry. In class I struggled just the same and in some cases would have to leave the room so I didn’t burst in to tears. I don’t know what it is about numbers but I look at them and the only answer I get is “purple, because aliens don’t wear hats”, makes no sense does it? Well that’s exactly how I feel about numbers. Even now, doing finance stuff I get incredibly frustrated and have to have a “time out”. To this day if I can’t work it out on my fingers, it’s not worth knowing haha. Oh and by the way … I’ve not used algebra since I left school, so to all those teachers who said we would use it every day …. You lied! (Strangely, I’m actually pretty good at working out budgets for, not only myself, but for others too … Weird huh?).

But these last few months I have been getting extremely frustrated with things. Well everything really.

You know those moments where you want to tell people/someone something but you can’t because of other things and you need to wait but you just become so frustrated you feel like you could burst?  Or the fact that  Spring just wont appear.  It honestly feels like its been 18 months of winter thanks to the crappy summer we had last year.  Its becoming increasingly frustrating.

I think frustration has to be the most annoying emotion out there.
I mean if you’re happy you can say “I’m so happy” “I’m smiling” etc.  If you’re sad you can say “I’m sad, I want to cry”.  If you’re angry you can say ” Grr I’m angry I want to throw something (someone)”.  But if you’re frustrated you’re just … *does weird hand gestures to try to explain* … Well you’re just frustrated.

Anyways, there you have it.  Frustration in a nutshell.


~ by adventuresofglittergirl on 27 March, 2013.

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