Chapter One … in which Jess comes to stay

“When you see someone putting on his Big Boots, you can be pretty sure that an Adventure is going to happen”

(Two Winnie-the-Pooh references and I haven’t even started the actual blog.  My god I am awesome haha!)

So the month of October saw my sister Jess arrive in the UK on her first trip out of NZ, with little holiday left for the year I managed to book off what was left and planned two trips with Jess.  This blog post will be based around our first trip – Scotland and Ireland.

One would think that after four years of travel I would stop torturing myself with early morning flights, it would seem I just don’t learn! This morning we were up at 3.30 to get a taxi to take us to the bus that will take us to the airport – FUN!  First stop was Edinburgh.  Our journey up to Edinburgh was (thankfully) fairly uneventful.  However, we did have a few issues when we went to pick up the car.  After we finally got this sorted, we jumped in the wee Fiat 500 and took off in search of our hotel.

My god the streets of Edinburgh are awful!!  There is construction everywhere and no right hand turns.  Which means you kind of go round in circles until you find a way that will allow you to get to where you need to be.  Eventually we made it to the hotel.

This afternoon we met up with Aunty Cath and Rena at Scott Monument before heading across the road to the Old Waverley Hotel for some Afternoon tea.  Aunty Cath and Rena came to New Zealand when I was about 8 or 9 and we havent seen them since…that was about 20 years ago.  I didn’t recognise Rena at first, but definitely recognised Aunty Cath.  After a couple of hours of catching up, we got some family photos and Jess and I set off to explore Edinburgh.  It was extremely cold and very windy but we wandered around the city, up the Royal Mile etc, got quite lost and settled on a pub for a drink and something to eat.


This morning we had to check out of the hotel, so we did that nice and early and set off in to the city.
We headed out towards Scott Monument, but it was cold and rainy, so first stop was coffee.   With coffee in our systems, we set off to Scott Monument, £3 and 287 steps later we reached the very top.  There were amazing views from the top and a very rude Australian guy, who thought we were Aussies and when we told him we were Kiwis he made some smart comment about it.  It was quite a tight squeeze up there, if you don’t light heights, I wouldn’t recommend doing it, thankfully neither of us had that issue.  Another 287 steps later and we found ourselves back at the bottom where we set off for the Royal Mile.  We headed down to the castle and took some photos from the outside, we didn’t bother to go in though and then strolled back down the royal mile towards the car.

A quick supermarket stop on the way and we set off for Stirling Castle with a lunch stop on the way.  Trying to get out of Edinburgh is a mission in itself, thankfully I had the iPad with me to use as a SatNav.  Unfortunately it had been updated and was using Apple Maps not Google Maps.  After testing both Apple and Google maps, Google maps is far superior and is a lot more accurate too – in case you were wondering haha!

We finally got to Stirling and the weather had cleared up, although neither of us were that impressed by the outside of Stirling Castle, which turned out to be a good thing as they were closing up for the day and we couldn’t get in anyways.  So we continued on our mission through to Glasgow.

Seeing as we got in late, we headed straight out for a walk into the centre of Glasgow.  We passed St Georges Church which was all lit up. Then we headed down to the Glasgow City of Chambers which is an amazing building, and massive too.  So we stopped to take some photos of all the buildings lit up at night …. and then we found the TARDIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  OMG I was so excited!!  There were a ton of photos taken here, I just wanted to jump inside it.  🙂


This morning we checked out of our hotel and took the car out to the Cathedral.  Unfortunately there was something going on there so we couldn’t actually go in, but it was pretty awesome from the outside.  It was just a shame that it was surrounded by scaffolding.

From here we walked back out to where we were last night, so we could take photos of the same buildings but in day light.  I did find some funky angels too!!!  We did a bit of shopping after this and then headed out to the airport and before we knew it we were heading off to Dublin.

The flight from Glasgow to Dublin is pretty short which is nice and the airport staff were nice and helpful too!  We found a kiosk with maps and they could even tell us how to get to our hotel by bus from the airport!!  In fact the bus stops just at the end of the street we were staying on, how handy!  By the time we got to the hotel, checked in, took a proper look at the map and set off to explore, it was pouring with rain.  However, we set off in the rain, walked down the main street and decided to just head to a pub.  So we found O’Neill’s and had a drink before setting off in search of food.  We managed to find the cutest wee American Diner, it was so awesome.  We ate so much food here it was just ridiculous – but kinda worth it!


This morning it was a quick get up, check out, leave our luggage, find something for breakfast and get to the Jameson Distillery before 10am.  We just made it!  While I was trying to unlock my phone to find our confirmation number, the guy behind the counter commented on Johnny Bravo wallpaper on my phone.  Oh yeah!! 🙂  So while we were here we got to see a 10 min short film about Mr Jameson and the Distillery before we went through the museum and finally finishing up with a glass of Jameson.  Considering we only paid €11.70 I thought it was well priced.  After our early morning drink we decided to wander through the back streets of Dublin and do a bit of  shopping before collecting our luggage and heading off for Galway.

It turned out our hotel was right next to the train station which was good because by the time we got in, it was getting dark, it was cold and raining.  So following tradition we headed to the pub for steak and cider.

The following morning we set off down the main shopping street, we did a fair bit of window shopping.  We decided to follow the water around and see where it took us.  We walked for a large portion of the day until we were too hungry to walk any more.  We took so many photos in Galway, the weather was amazing and Galway is very pretty.

The following morning we took our time getting ready as we were checking out and heading back to Dublin to catch a flight back into London so the day was pretty uneventful.

I have one day of work to get through before we start our next journey …. France and Italy!  This will be done as a separate post so you can look forward to more waffle in the next one 😉


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