Alcohol and Torches and ceremonies. Oh My!

Well this blog post is going to be a mixture of things, none of which involves me leaving London unfortunately.  But never fear, my next holiday is near!  In fact, its only 24 days away and I’m excited 🙂

At the end of May I had logged into twitter as I usually do and saw a lot of people tweeting about #DryJuly.  I had no idea what was behind this hash tag so I had a quick Google and saw that in New Zealand and Australia they were doing DryJuly (click the link to find out more) where people sponsored other people to stay dry (not drink alcohol) for an entire month.  The proceeds of Dry July are then used to help adults living with cancer.  So I figured, after being on holiday and drinking a fair amount (those black balsams are a killer) I could do with a month to detox.
Now I didn’t do the sponsorship side of it seeing as I’m currently based in the UK, but I did do the whole ‘not drinking’ thing.  To be fair, I’m not a big drinker anyways and I usually only drink on a Friday night at work around the beer trolley.  So not drinking was actually fairly easy.  What was not so easy was listening to people’s responses when I said I wasnt drinking.

“You’re insane”, “Why would you want to do that”, “Oh I couldn’t possibly do that”, “but its hot here and cold back there so it makes sense to do it in November here” yep, I heard them all.  The English mentality is very similar to the kiwis when it comes to alcohol; you drink, drink and drink some more.  But the main difference is that with the kiwis if you say you’re not drinking, that’s it, end of conversation and you sip away on your L&P.  The English aren’t so kind about it.  They like to make sure that you know you are doing something that to them is completely and utterly ridiculous.   So I tried to avoid the beer trolley to start with and then August rolled around and I realised that was just too easy.  So I decided to keep up with the no drinking thing and continue until I go away in September.

However, Friday we had Chloe’s leaving drinks.  I stood my ground and I didn’t drink.  Now I thought the above comments were bad enough, but oh no it gets worse!  We were having a good time, standing around drinking (me with my non-alcoholic drink), laughing, chatting.  They way a typical Friday night drinks goes.  But then it came time for one of the guys to get a round of drinks in and this is where the comments started.  I got told I was “boring” and that I needed alcohol to “loosen up”, in fact these two guys were so incredibly rude that one of them refused to buy me a drink because I wasnt drinking alcohol.  At the end of the day, I didn’t really care, the guy is a complete knob and I wouldn’t have trusted him to get me something non-alcoholic anyways.
But at the end of the night it ended up just me and one of the guys left drinking and as we walked to the Station to catch our separate trains home, he told me I was so stubborn that he knew I could stand my ground and not let them get to me.  I had a good time, its funny to be the only sober person there, but it was a good night.

On Tuesday the 24th of July the Olympic torch came through Ealing.  Danny managed to get us (free) tickets to get into Walpole Park to see the torch.  It was incredibly hot and I was rather sick and just didn’t want to be there.  But I stuck it out and we eventually got to see the torch come through and then up on the big screen.   I managed to get a couple of photos on my iPhone (which are extremely bad quality as I’m zoomed right in) and then pretty much went home to bed.  Turned out I had a chest infection – not fun.  Photos of the torch are HERE.

London was host to the 2012 Olympic games.  The opening ceremony was a little on the odd side, but the lighting of the torch at the end was pretty spectacular.  Thankfully my boss didn’t mind me watching the games (well at least he never said anything and I just assumed I could do it haha), it was a bit of friendly competition with Team NZ and Team GB competing in the same sporting events at the same time.  The rowing was the best one.  I had myself set up with my laptop screen showing one lot of sports and my iPad showing another.  I had a pretty sweet set up to be honest (photo here) 🙂  At one point Team NZ and Team GB were racing together in the rowing, Claire came down and the two of us watched as NZ took the lead and won the race!!!  Thankfully when Claire realised that Team GB weren’t going to win, she backed NZ 😉  She’s my token Kiwi 🙂

However, I got bored with the Olympics pretty quickly.  By the end of the first week I was done.  I think I probably watched no more than an hour of the Olympics during the last week – with the exception of the Closing Ceremony.
Now the Closing ceremony I sat up and watched.  I have to admit I didn’t like it.  I thought it was pretty rubbish actually.  So many great bands/artists have come out of the UK and yet the music in the ceremonies was pretty lame.  In fact the best parts of the Olympic Closing Ceremony was Freddie Mercury, John Lennon and David Bowie – two of which are dead and the other just wasnt there.  Such a shame.  When I finally thought it couldn’t get any worse, they finally played the Brian May card – absolutely primo, till they teamed him up with Jessie J – who can sing when she’s been in the studio and they have made her sound good, but the girl cannot sing live.  It was an epic fail of massive proportions.
Kind of like the Brits not liking people who don’t drink – they also don’t like people with an opinion, especially if that opinion is something of disgust against the Brits and as much as I hate London, I also didn’t like the closing ceremony and my opinions have not gone down well in some cases.  In fact one guy got quite nasty about it and pretty much called me stupid because “I wouldn’t understand, because I just wouldnt”…Im still not sure what this means exactly, I seem to know a lot of douches.  There wasnt much to get in that ceremony.  But oh well.

I don’t think I really have anything else to write about.

So until next time – “we can’t all and most of us don’t and that’s all there is to it”


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