Having Tea with the Queen

So I think the last time I updated this I mentioned that Michelle and I got an invite to the Queens Garden Party.  Well this has now been and gone.  I had to get all dressed up and do my hair and makeup and stuff that I cant usually be bothered to do.  I even had to wear a fascinator.  I would also like to take this opportunity to point out that to try to outweigh the girliness of the day, I had a very manly bacon and eggs on toast for lunch #justsayin.

To start off with I really wasnt that excited.  I’m not a big fan of the royal family anyways but for some reason I just couldn’t get into it.  Possibly the combination of having to go out and buy a dress and a fascinator (money which I didn’t have) and take an entire day off work (especially when I could have taken a half day and gone from work).  Anyways, it wasnt until we were getting ready to leave that I started to feel a little bit excited.

We took a cab to The Grand Entrance at Buckingham Palace where I got checked out by one of the guards haha!!  We then got to walk through the Quadrangle and through two ground room floors of Buckingham Palace.  By this point my inner child just wanted to kick off her shoes and run up and down the hall wall.  My grown up self just wished that we could take photos.  Neither my inner child nor my grown up self got their wishes.  We then proceeded out to the gardens where I sunk in the grass.  Seriously, you’d think the Queen would at least have solid grass to walk on, but apparently not and a lot of people were complaining their heels kept sinking.

There were lots of yummy men in uniforms!  Lots of not so yummy men and one lumpy beached whale in a clingy green dress (vomit inducing).  We got to see the Yeomen who look seriously awesome!  For all of 20 seconds we got to see the Queen who was standing not very far away from us!  Apparently there were 8000 people there.  It didn’t seem like 8000 though. Then we had afternoon tea with the Queen (well she was in the Royal tent, we were outside melting in the sun).

Even though we weren’t allowed to take any photos we did take some before we left, my very small collection can be found here, Jean took some and Michelle has some as well which will be uploaded once I have a copy of them.

This was also the start of the crazy hot weather we have been having.  Its been insanely hot – well maybe not insanely, but its been pretty hot – not that I’m complaining.  I’ve missed summer.

It’s the Jubilee weekend, so we have a four day weekend this weekend!  Whoop Whoop!!!  Saturday I’m heading off to Proud Camden where they are doing an afternoon tea and have vintage clothes swap shops which should be awesome!  Sunday I’m off to Norwich for the day – typically its meant to be colder and rain.  Theres a surprise!  Typical Bank Holiday weather.  Not entirely sure what I’m doing on Monday and Tuesday but I’m sure I can find something 🙂

Anyways, I’m losing interest in updating this now and can’t concentrate long enough to write an entire sentence in one go (it took me 10 minutes just to type that haha!), so I shall stop waffling and leave this here.



~ by adventuresofglittergirl on 30 May, 2012.

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