Its a tad cold

Well it’s a little cold out there.  To be honest it is actually -4C at the moment so its more than a tad cold.  However we havent had any snow lately (there was totally an Eeyore reference in there, in case you didn’t get it) which means I can’t sing the Tiddely Pom poem like I normally do when it snows – which is probably for the best!!  Although I am sitting in bed, fully clothed, the heating on and it’s still freezing! 😦  I hate winter.

Anyways, I figured I had better update this as I havent done it in 5 months.  Yeah yeah I know, I suck at this.

So in the last 5 months what on earth have I done???

Michelle and I went to York back in November.  I have to admit I absolutely loved York, its a gorgeous wee town.  We went and had a look at the Christmas markets which were meant to be one of the best ones in the UK – they were seriously pathetic, not really even worth mentioning, but I just did so …well…yeah.  We did do a ghost tour.  OMG this was absolutely hilarious!  It was freezing cold and we walked around the town at about 8pm and the lady told us ghost stories from different houses or churches or streets of interest.  Really fascinating to hear the stories but she also told it in a funny way which made it more interesting as well.  Not only that it only cost us £5 each – best £5 I ever spent!  The next day we started it in a traditional holiday kind of way – with a full english breakfast.  Mmmm so good!  But we walked it off pretty quickly when I made Michelle walk the York city walls.  All 3.1 kilometres – which isn’t a lot if you ask me.  Some beautiful views along the way (as usual all photos are HERE ).  After our wee walk we stopped at a cute wee chocolate place that had only opened the day before and had brownies/cake to die for and coffee and then rolled ourselves down to York Minster.  OMG the most amazing building ever! Okay maybe not ever but close to.  Michelle took communion while she was there and I wandered around aimlessly taking photos of things I had no idea what they were but they looked cool.  Then we watched these little kids put the candles in the advent candle hangy thing.  This was hilarious as the candles were taller than half the kids!  The kids were probably between 3 and 5years old.

After York we went to Lincoln – and because I’m completely retarded I’ve no idea what we did here because I didn’t write anything the entire time I was there.  Way to go me!
We did go and have a look at the cathedral but after spending most of the previous afternoon at York Minster, the Lincoln cathedral was a little on the sad side – however I did take THIS photo from the top of the castle across the way from the cathedral which I kinda like 🙂  So after having a look at Lincoln Cathedral and me saying “I’m not paying that much to go in there after seeing York Minster” we turned around and went to the Castle instead haha!  I liked Lincoln but not as much as I liked York.  I think York is probably my favourite place in the UK that I’ve seen so far.

At the start of December I also went to Lille and Bruges.  I had been to Bruges before but only for an hour so it was nice to go back and have a proper wander around.  I bought more belgium chocolate to send home.  The Christmas market in Bruges was a lot better than the one in York, but still it wasnt much.  The one in Lille however was a lot better than both and I had my first glass of mulled wine.  Seriously, don’t bother with that stuff – its rank!  However hot alcohol does go straight to your head and keeps you warm which is always good.  I didn’t like Lille much, maybe because there wasnt a whole lot to do and it was so cold and when you’re cold it makes it hard to get in the mood to do anything.  I did get some photos though, again they are on the first link I posted, but if you’re really that lazy its here.

Christmas came and went fairly uneventfully.  I don’t like Christmas in the UK, its cold and miserable and its a sit down lunch and it just not right.

However we are now in February already – how the hell did that happen?
Anyways, I have now booked two tours for this year.  The first one leaves on the 16th of June and goes to Vilnius – Klaipeda – Riga – Stockholm – Helsinki – Tallinn over 8 days.  I’m so excited about this one, more than the other one.  While on our trip up to York I was reading the Lonely Planet magazine and it had an article on Tallinn and I totally fell in love with it.  So im hanging out for that.
The second tour I’m doing leaves on the 7th of September and goes to Prague – Olomouc – Auschwitz – Krakow – Zakopane- Budapest – Plitvice – Split over 9 days.  I’m really looking forward to this one too 🙂  However it now means that Sarah is so incredibly broke it’s just not funny.  I know it will be worth it but I hate knowing I have no money to do other things.  We have a lot of Bank holidays coming up between now and June but I’m not sure I can afford to actually do anything for them which is a shame.  But I guess that’s life and that’s what I came here to do.  I need to get in as much travel as I can in the next 18 months as my visa expires then.  So many places I want to do before then, but its just not going to happen 😦  I’m thinking Russia next year though 😀

Anywhoo, this blog has been much of nothingness and I’m beginning to waffle as I need to go to bed (and get my washing out of the machine too, unless someone wants to do that for me?  Theres only two tops in there, if you could hang them up to dry that would be great too!).

Night all x


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  1. Woohoo! Awesome to see this. Sorry about the tops – I was going to do it for you but I can’t quite reach the washing machine from here 😉

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