5am. Why do i do this to myself?  Seriously not a time anyone should be up.   But up i got and off i went to Victoria coach station to catch the bus to Cornwall. First stop: Plymouth.
Six and a half hours later i reached Plymouth and walked the half hour to the place i was staying. If you ever want a nice wee place to stay while in Plymouth i can highly recommend Sea Breezes guest house. A 30 second walk to the water front and the lady who owns it is lovely (and does a mean full English breakfast). 
So that afternoon i headed out to explore Plymouth. The weather was still nice so i walked along the water front for a few hours.  I went on the Wheel of Plymouth. For only £7.50 it was actually pretty good.  Took about 100 photos. I stopped and had the most amazing fish n chips I’ve ever had and then on my way back i stopped at a water front bar and restaurant and had a glass of wine whilst looking out over the sea.

Today i had to check out, but left my luggage there so i didn’t have to carry it around all day. It got to about 28 degrees today so it was quite nice to just wander about at my own leisure.  I even saw one of the ferries come into port as well.
After picking up my luggage i went and wandered around some more and then headed to the bus station. About an hour ago the weather turned sour :-/  its cold and raining now. Only half an hour till my bus gets here to take me to St Austell. 

Tomorrow im off to the Eden Project 🙂
Tonights accommodation is only a short walk from the bus/train station in St Austell, however when i got here it took a good couple of minutes to find someone so i could check in. Room is very average but im only here for one night.
I went for a bit of a walk into the town but there is nothing really there. I’ve no idea how people actually live in this place. I guess most people only come here for the Eden Project.  It was cold and getting dark by the time i got here so i didnt walk the half hour down to the water front.

This morning im off to the Eden Project. After breakfast i set off down to the bus station and caught the bus out there. Its only about 15 20 mins by bus, but the weather wasnt looking so flash. They say its the tail end of Hurricane Irene hitting the south coast of England. 
Anyways when i got to the Eden Project i took the little train down to the Biomes.  There’s a rather large cafe when you first walk in and when you go upstairs to enter the separate Biomes you can see thru bulk preparing the food for the cafe. 
so i started with the rainforest Biomes.  Omg it was so hot in there. I was glad i had a bottle of water with me that’s for sure.  So i wandered about looking at the different plants from different countries.  There is a lookout which is right at the top of the dome, very high up but they said if you suffer from menieres disease or vertigo then you shouldn’t go up there. As my ears weren’t doing so good from the bus ride yesterday i didnt bother going up. Its not the height that’s the problem, i was more worried that my ears would play up to the point i couldn’t get up the following day.   It just wasnt worth the risk.  
After this i headed out and into the Mediterranean dome which was a lot cooler! I think all up i spent about 4 hours at the Eden project. Walking through the gardens, so many weird looking flowers.  Thankfully the rain held off while i was walking around outside.
Then it was back to St Austell. I walked around looking at the different shops and found a cafe for lunch and more importantly, coffee.
Then it was off to the station to wait for my bus down to Penzance.

Urgh weather has turned completely horrendous. Very very windy and raining.
Got to my hotel at about 9.30 and was pretty knackered so i watched a movie and called it a night.

Weather is still awful today. In fact its worse. Really not feeling it to be honest but im off to St Ives today. I would like to think the weather will be a little bit better but thats just wishful thinking.

Weather was slightly better in St Ives. Still wet and cold but not quite so windy.
St Ives is a cute wee place with its cobblestone roads in the town.  Managed to get a couple of photos of the beach and coastal line but not very good photos thanks to the weather. 
Then it was back to Penzance for Cornish Pasty and coffee for a late lunch/early dinner. Im completely soaked so its now back to the hotel.

Today the weather is looking a bit better. Skies are still grey and its still quite windy but the rain has held off. So today I spent the day walking along the water front and through the town.  I would have gone out to St Michaels Mount but the fog and mist hanging about just made it impossible. I did see it from a foggy/misty distance though haha.
Im exhausted now. In 5 days Ive averaged about 5-6 hours walking a day. No wonder my feet ache 😦

Now Im on the train back into London. Ive been on this train 5 hours so far. Only another 30-40minutes to go and i think its probably straight to bed when i get home haha. Im so glad i have tomorrow off work!

photos will be uploaded tomorrow or something 😉
bye x


~ by adventuresofglittergirl on 8 September, 2011.

2 Responses to “Cornwall”

  1. would love to see those photos!

  2. All photos can be found here

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