So last weekend I took the long and winding road to Liverpool (ha! see what I did there? … I need Help! haha, ok seriously).

First class ticket on the Virgin train and three hours later I was at my destination.  However before we get on to that, after a conversation with someone about what the people of Liverpool look like (or we think they should look) I saw a guy getting on the same train, but not just any old guy, a bohemian/poet looking guy, you know the sort, white shoes, black jeans, white long-sleeved top with a black waistcoat, black beret, black sun glasses sporting a stubbly beard.
Think Funny Face when Audrey Hepburn goes into the club looking for the philosopher!
Anyways, I’m sure someone will appreciate that paragraph of waffle.

So a fairly uneventful train ride up to Liverpool but once I got to my hotel I must admit I was quite impressed with it.  Very modern.  You needed to swipe your key card to do anything – get power in the room, activate the lift, open both your room door and the hotel front door.  And OMG I had the most amazing shower! Haha random I know, but in the 3 years I’ve been here, I’ve stayed in a number of different hotels etc and not once have I had a decent shower in them.  Even when we stayed in Salzburg at the Crowne Plaza our shower was pretty average.  The bathroom is always the make or break of a good hotel.

Anywho, after settling into the hotel I decide to head off for a walk, find out how to get to Albert Dock for my Beatles day and find some food.  Turns out Albert Dock is about a 7 min walk from the hotel so nice and close.  I walked through the streets of shops, its like one street after another of all the clothing franchises, plus all the designer stuff as well.

As I arrived on the Sunday everything closed up early, but I still had a good wander round to get my bearings, then I headed back to the hotel after some dinner.

Monday: I set out about 9.30 and wandered down to Albert Dock.  I had booked the Beatles Story online for fear of huge queues, but I got there and there was only one person in line, so I got in, got my audio guide and started taking lots of photos.  I must have spent about 2 and a half hours in here looking at everything, listening to all the stories.  At the end of it there was a section of what each Beatle did after the Beatles.  I learnt that George Harrison was actually in Monty Pythons The Life of Brian.  So awesome!  I never knew that 🙂
All this walking around and learning stuff has made me thirsty so I’m sitting on a nice comfy sofa in Starbucks at the end of the Beatles Story listening to the Beatles play on the radio.  Next stop…..the gift shop :-/  Then its off on a Beatles tour.

Two hours ago I started the Magical Mystery Tour.  It was really awesome, the tour guide was really funny too.  We saw lots of different places like the birth places of Ringo and George, the school Ringo went to, Paul’s last house in Liverpool and then the tour ended at the famous Cavern Club.
So here I am sitting in a dark club (the cavern club for those not keeping up) with a JD and coke listening to a guy play live.  This guy is amazing too, playing all sorts – the Kinks, The Beatles, Elvis and the Rolling Stones.
Who would have thought that 15 years after spending my nights shut in the lounge doing my homework whilst listening to dads Beatles vinyls, I would now be sitting in the Cavern club.  Weird but extremely awesome!

So this morning I tried to sleep in seeing as check out isn’t until 11 but as usual I woke early.  So I pottered about and left at about 10ish.  I left my bag at the hotel as my train isn’t until 7.50pm and then I headed back down to Albert Dock and from there wandered down to Pier head to do the second part of the Beatles Story.  Thankfully this comes as part of the main attraction as it wasnt much.  I did get to see a short 4D film….man that was crazy!  You got special glasses to put on and then you take a seat (big leather comfy seats) and then the movie starts.  The characters are plasticine like and it tells a story of a guy who has to make his way to see a girl and play in a concert and of course he goes on the magical mystery bus, when the bus slams it brakes on the chairs tip back, when we went through strawberry fields the room filled up with the smell of strawberries, water splashed at you and bubbled filled the room all at the appropriate times.  It was kinda cool.

After this I still had about 6 hours to kill before I got my train so I walked around Liverpool for 6 hours.  No seriously I did.  I walked everywhere and went to the Liverpool Cathedral…wow that thing is HUGE!  I didn’t go inside, but I walked around the gardens/cemetery and took lots of photos.
After walking for 6 hours I went in search of food and found myself a lovely wee 1950s American Diner, shame the food wasnt that great, but still the atmosphere was pretty cool.  After that I collected my bag and headed off to the train station.

I think I eventually got back home about 11.30 but I was knackered by that point.

As you can tell I wrote most of this while actually in Liverpool 🙂  The fact I’m only just updating it and post it now is irrelevant haha.

Tomorrow I’m off to Cornwall 🙂
See you in a week 😉


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