#30daysofme Day 4 A habit that you wish you didn’t have

I sat here staring at this blank page trying to decide which habit I have that I wish I didn’t have.
First thing that came to my head was my ability to walk into a room, turn the light on, leave the room and forget to turn the light out.  Also my ability to go into the kitchen at home and leave all the draws and cupboards slightly open … then I realised that even though this is my habit – its my mom who wishes I didn’t have it and boy does it drive her nuts (I’m pretty sure my subconscious does this just to annoy her haha – she’s going to kill me for that!)

So I kept thinking … in all honesty I looked at this question and though … piece of cake, I’ve got loads of bad habits.  However trying to think of them when I needed too was not so easy.  I didn’t want to be the same as everyone else … nail-biting (only do this when I have acrylic nails), procrastination – too a certain point yes.  But I decided to go with something a bit different.  Unfortunately this was the best I could come up with…

The habit I have that I wish I didn’t have is my ability to organise.  Yes I know, being able to organise is a great thing – not everyone can do it.  In fact a friend of mine once described his work desk and it made me want to fly out there and organise it <– that is where the “I don’t want to have” bit of this question comes in.

I tend to organise other people.  But I don’t always tell them.  I just look at their mess and organise it and don’t actually realise what I’ve done… more often than not I get a grumbled “thanks”, but I know how much this habit annoys some people.  If I’m really busy at work and my desk is covered in blackberries, I will stop what I’m doing and organise my desk… my Boss mistaken this for procrastination.  Actually speaking of my boss … We had a shuffle around on our floor a while back and everyone moved around except for Telecoms.  I felt left out.  So I spoke to the boss about my idea to make the telecoms team seem a bit more organised in their desk allocation.  He thought it was a great idea.  My brain went “Yuss! I can re-organise the telecoms team”  Little did my brain know that my boss was just trying to get me to shut up.  So one day while he was “out of the office” I took it upon myself to reorganise our team.  I took everything off his desk and my desk and swapped them around.  I then rearranged the desks and his work (aka mess) and sat down and continued my days work.  My boss rocks on in and asks why I’m sitting in his desk … then he sees his desk and laughed at me…

So my habit of being able to organise is one I wish I didn’t have when it comes to other people…

(This is a really boring blog post – try again tomorrow!)


~ by adventuresofglittergirl on 11 September, 2010.

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