#30daysofme Day 2 Meaning behind my blog name

The meaning behind my blog name …well its quite simple really.  The Adventures of me.  This is my travel blog.  If you go right back to the start of it you will see that this blog started with me applying for my visa and detailing with retarded people in Births, Deaths and Marriages in NZ and Scotland trying to track down my Grandfathers birth certificate.  What a nightmare!!

As for the Glitter Girl part … well once upon a time, in a different life, I used to do a lot of craft stuff.  I did a lot of scrapbooking and tried to do cards – but I prefer a bigger canvas.  The down side of this was that I also used a lot of glitter.  How can glitter be a downside?  Well I spill it.  Every single time I go near glitter I spill it, and not just a small amount … I spill a lot of it.  In fact if you were to go into my room in NZ and move my scrapbooking table (is that still there mom?) you will see that all through the carpet is … yep, you guessed it … glitter!!!!!  <—- my mom loves this <\Insert sarcasm>

So Glitter Girl became my nickname (and my superhero name – I have a lot of awesome sparkly super powers!) and these are my travels.  Well okay maybe not this, because this is #30daysofme but you know what I mean

Until tomorrow


~ by adventuresofglittergirl on 9 September, 2010.

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