Think of it as a big tweet

This blog post is dedicated to Oopsadoop who gave me the inspiration for a title for this post.

I posted on twitter earlier that I need to hire someone to write my blog for me, because clearly I can’t keep the damn thing up-to-date.   After conversing with Oopsadoop about it she kindly told me to think of it as a big tweet and to start with writing about my day.  And what a day it has been.  The boss came in and put two large courgettes on his desk, which of course left me in fits of laughter and him staring at me with that “What the hell is wrong with her” look.  Strangely, I get that look often.  Anyways.  Today has been fairly uneventful.  Dealing with the usual muppets who don’t listen to what I tell them and then bring their device down 40 minutes after I told them to, then grizzling because she missed the courier.  Love, if you’d listened to me in the first place, you wouldn’t be in this mess.  This happens to be the same person who threw a tantrum because her old device was white, her new one came in black which meant she had a black device with a white back.  Grow up!

Anyways, my boss is now sitting next to me because someone broke my blackberry back up computer.  No it wasnt me!  No seriously it wasnt.  Someone made some changes in the BIOS to test some stuff and now it wont boot *cries*  But its okay Des came to my rescue and fixed it 🙂  And then sat there and took the piss out of me for my Alan Rickman and Ryan Reynolds crush.

So its been like forever since I updated this thing and now I have to try to remember what I have been doing.  I really should take a notebook with me – or make notes in my iPhone.  Actually not my iPhone – I made a note in there on the 26th June that says “Monday morning lunch”   42 days later I have no idea what this note means – but if I was meeting someone for lunch – whoops! My bad.  So iPhone notes probably not such a good idea – either that or I learn to put a note that makes sense … but c’mon.  This is me, we all know that wont happen 🙂

So … What have I been doing?  I went to Newcastle last week.  I headed off nice and early to Kings Cross Station to find all trains had been delayed and some cancelled due to a power failure just outside the station.  Poos!  So i flick Amanda a text to say I’m possibly going to be late.  Headed off to W H Smith to grab a snack for the 3 hour train ride and a magazine to read.  Come out of W H Smith and find my train is now boarding – and on time!  w00t!  Now train rides are uncomfortable when you have to sit for 3 hours, but when you have to sit next to someone it’s even more uncomfortable.  For starters, she was sitting in my seat – retarded cow.  So I had to sit in her seat – because I couldn’t be bothered (and hadn’t quite woken up) arguing with her about a stupid seat.  It meant she got the window seat and I got the aisle seat instead 😦  Oh well.  So my good old friends on Twitter kept me occupied for 3 hours as I mindlessly flicked through my trashy magazine.  3 hours later, freezing and my bum numb I arrived in Newcastle.  Amanda picked me up from the station and off we went.  We stopped at the Angel of the North – which really is quite ugly and massive as well.  So we stopped and I took some photos.  Freezing my bum off and it was windy too.  As the weather wasnt looking too promising and Amanda had to be home for when the dogs came home from Doggy Day Care (she was looking after them while their owners were on holiday) we headed back home.  OMG her Aunty has an amazingly awesome house.  There will be photos once I get some internet 🙂  So the dogs arrived home from Day Care – two cocker spaniels.  A black dopey one called Poppy and a brown one called Nina – who, for some reason, loved me the second she ran in the door.  She was all over me.  I sat on the couch with Nina resting her head on my shoulder or arm or leg – however I happened to be sitting at the time.  She was just too cute!  And of course there was Jesse the wee westie who tried so hard to keep up with Nina and Poppy, but she just couldn’t lol

So the first night we just kinda crashed out on the couch with the dogs and had a couple of JD’s 🙂

So we did two days of cruising around.  I saw the seaside WOOHOO!!!!  You never realise how you miss the little things like that. We went to Lindisfarne but we didn’t go into the castle.  They all tend to be the same, and I much prefer the outside.  Plus they are mighty expensive (altho Lindisfarne is actually a National Trust property so it wouldn’t have cost me anything)

We also saw Bamburgh castle which is so cool!!  Its right on the beach front which makes it a whole lot cooler.   We went into this one, and I’m so glad we did, it was really beautiful.  And OMG there was a HUGE chain… I took a photo of this with my phone sneakily hehe.  However it seemed like a lot of the castle was actually closed off to the public, but for £8 it was so worth going into to.  Even the brick was really quite gorgeous.  It didn’t look overly old though.   So after walking through here we went for a walk around the castle which was lovely.  Beach on one side, small town on the other.  I even took a couple of panorama photos of the area.  I havent uploaded these yet as we havent had any internet.

Then on my last day there we went to Durham for the day.  We walked around one of the markets and went up to Durham Cathedral – such a shame they don’t allow photography inside.  We tried to do Durham Castle but it was closed 😦  We had a nice lunch at a wee pub with the Chaviest people I have ever seen.  It was hilarious.  Except for the two heavily pregnant girls (so heavily one was being induced the following week) sitting there smoking.  Retards.

So it was a pretty good couple of days.

A few weeks before that I went off to Stratford-upon-Avon.  Such a beautiful wee town.  The town of Shakespeare.  I wandered aimlessly for a while and came across a chair outside a church that had the following quote engraved into it

“So long as men can breathe and eyes can see.  So long lives this and this gives life to thee”  – Sonnet 18 – William Shakespeare (this happens to be my favourite Shakespeare Sonnet)

While here I went to Shakespeare’s Birth house.  I went to the Holy Trinity Church where both Shakespeare and Ann Hathaway are buried.  I also went to Anne Hathaway’s cottage.  The day was a bit cold and didn’t really warm up until a couple of hours before I left.  Typical lol.  These places were all amazing in their own ways.  However when you have issues with your ears, walking on bouncy upstairs floor boards is not such a great idea haha.

Apart from this, there isn’t really much happening at the moment.  Going to Spain at the end of August, but other than that its just the same old.

Having now lost interest in updating this and not actually being able to remember what I have done, I shall leave it here.

Bye x


~ by adventuresofglittergirl on 12 August, 2010.

2 Responses to “Think of it as a big tweet”

  1. I can’t believe you didn’t mention Richard Head. *disappointed*
    KIDDING! Tweets are mini-blogs. Great post 😀

  2. I might just blog that seperately. Because in my boredom of updating this…I forgot to mention meeting you #Cries

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