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The sun has finally made its grand entrance after, what seems like years, of winter!!  It has been absolutely glorious here in London.  The summer shoes are starting to make an appearance again!  YAY!  I’m so excited!!!!  For those of you who have always lived in the UK you wouldn’t understand just how excited I am about the sun.  But for those of you who come from places where the sun does exist and on a regular basis you will understand.

I’ve been pretty lazy recently and havent achieved much except for studying.  Oohh speaking of which, I got my marks for my first two assignments yesterday and got full marks for the color theory assignment and full marks for the perspective drawing (Floor plan and Window elevation) so I was pretty over the moon, as I really struggled with the drawing.

I went to the Theater (said in a posh english accent) last week and went and saw Jersey Boys.  OMG this was absolutely fantastic!!!  I highly recommend going to see this (although seeing as the only people who read this blog are in NZ – that’s going to be pretty difficult!).  So Jersey Boys is the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.  The guy who played Frankie was phenomenal and managed to get all the high notes perfectly.  Anyways there’s a link HERE for Jersey Boys.  Absolutely fantastic!!

After this was Easter.   This meant bank holiday on the Friday and again on the Monday.  Woop Woop for a 4 day weekend!!!!  So the Friday I set off for Michelle’s to spend Easter with them.  Plus Lynn’s  (Michelle’s …  cousin?  It was explained to me but it was complicated) son was in London for the weekend.  So Nick (the son) arrived on the Friday afternoon and we had fish n chips for dinner.  On the Saturday we went up to London and saw St Paul’s (from the outside) and crossed the wobbly bridge, past Shakespeare’s Globe and down to London Bridge.  Thankfully I had my camera – well my little Sony (which is dying *cries*) and got some okay photos.  And the weather held off for us as well.  Despite it looking like it was going to rain all day, it didn’t.  On the Sunday we went down to Richmond and drove through the deer park and walked along the Thames .  We weren’t overly confident of  the weather, while we were driving out there it started pouring with rain and hailing, it was pretty awesome.  But when we got into Richmond the rain stopped and we went for a stroll along the Thames and the sun stayed out.  So we stopped at a pub along the Thames and had a drink before heading back.  On the Monday we went out to Hever Castle.  Wow this place is pretty awesome!  The gardens out there are gorgeous and the castle itself is cool.  The only downside was that we weren’t allowed to take any photos inside the castle.  For those who know me, will know that didn’t stop me!  However the photos didn’t come out too well as my camera was playing up.  But I got some photos.  Monday was also Michelle’s birthday 🙂

And now its Friday again!!  The sun is shining and its meant to be nice all weekend as well!  I’m house sitting this weekend 🙂 So will try to get some study done one day and then I might head out somewhere the other day.

But other than that, there really isn’t anything interesting happening at the moment.  Oh I did get BES training the other day.  That was interesting … but at least I can now set my own activation codes for that company rather than waiting hours for it.  I can’t imagine that made any sense to anyone who reads this lol, but there you have it.

Dad – you should take a look at THIS.  The killers did a version of Dire Straits Romeo and Juliet.  It’s actually pretty good 🙂

Anyways, nothing else of interest to say – not that this was an interesting post!



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