6 days and two girls who dont speak German

Apparently there is day before 7.30am, who would have known!

We started our day at 5.30 and managed to get out the door by 6.30am.  This is a time of the day I am very unfamiliar with.  Thankfully it wasnt raining, just cold.  But we made our way to Paddington Station (yay for living only 10 minutes walk away!) and purchased tickets for the Heathrow Connect.  There was a lot more people in the station (which I walk through every morning on my way to work) at this time of the morning than I expected.

We purchased tickets from a very helpful teller who told us we needed to get off the train at terminal three and change to the Heathrow Express to get to terminal five.

We got to the airport and had a fair amount of time on our hands.  So we stopped and had something to eat, wandered around the shops for a bit, got some trashy magazines for the train rides we were expecting and then it was time to board the plane.

We flew with British Airways from London through to Munich, Germany.  The flight, like most, was pretty uneventful.  We did however notice that the flight attendants were a lot older than they usually are.  Change of the times?

Anyways we got into Munich about lunch time and had to try to work out how to get a train from the airport down to the main central train station.  Picture this: two girls who can’t speak German standing in front of a ticket machine trying to work out what we had to purchase when a German gentleman about 55-65 started asking us where we needed to go.  His english was extremely limited and through his very strong German accent he tried to tell us that if you purchase a group ticket for 5 people it works out cheaper.  But there is only two of us, not 5 of us.  Then he tried to tell us he already had a group ticket and there was only him and one other German lady who spoke no English at all.  Then I realised he was trying to tell us that if we give him 5 euro (eekk there’s no euro symbol on the UK keyboards – irritating) then we could go on his ticket.  I looked at Lisa, Lisa looked at me, we looked at him, we looked confused, he looked annoyed that we wouldn’t hurry up and make a decision.  Then I was like its 5 euro compared to 10 why not.  Lisa and I then joked that we hope this didn’t end up like Hostel (for those who have seen the movie you’ll know what I mean – for those who havent, don’t bother watching it, it was crap!).  So off we went hurrying along and found the train waiting for us.

Took us about 40 minutes to reach the main train station.  We hopped off, thanked the guy who quickly gave us directions out of the station and he continued on his journey to wherever and we followed his directions to the hotel.

So we found out hotel (after badly following the guys directions) and checked in.

That night we went for a walk to the Hofbrauhaus Beer Hall.  We drunk a litre of beer each (I totally hate beer!!! But I drunk it) and we had a giant pork knuckle between us.  I thought I was going to explode after that!  The beer hall was absolutely massive and had a band in traditional costume which was pretty awesome.  There was a table of cute wee old guys also dressed in lederhosen.

We ended up with two old guys sitting next to us, two very weird old guys one of which kept sniffing this horrible brown stuff off his hands.  It was very weird.  Apparently its some menthol stuff which gives them a high, however it looked like they were sniffing poos!

Anyways, the walk back to the hotel was interesting.  We came across a sex shop which had some toys in the window.  Seems the Germans not only have an issue with size, but are very open about sex lol.    So photos were taken lol.

Saturday morning we woke up later than planned, but we packed our stuff and paid the hotel to allow us to have a late check out as our train didn’t leave til lunch time.

So we went for a wander through the streets of Munich.  We did the shopping strip in Karlsplatz and saw the Mozart Balls and took photos.  Did some window shopping (didn’t buy any windows though), then we continued down to Marienplatz with the big building with the Glockenspiel on it (brb champagne and nibbles are calling!).  (back) We didn’t actually see this going but I did take a lot of photos of it.  It was pretty awesome to look at.  We then carried on down towards the beer hall and checked out nearly every souvenir shop on the way and still didn’t buy anything!  Except for postcards but they don’t count.

On our way back to Marienplatz we checked out one of the markets were they had giant gherkins.  I love gherkins, so I tried one and they aren’t very nice to be honest.  They aren’t crunchy but arent soft either and they are spicy too.  It was really odd.  Too odd for my liking.

After this we headed back to the hotel and got our stuff and headed to the train station.  We hadn’t had lunch so we got a giant pretzel and a piece of cake which we shared to have on the train.  The pretzel was about the size of my head.  I’m telling you, the German’s have an issue with size!

The train was surprisingly comfortable, tonnes of leg room (which is always nice on a long journey – which ours wasnt really) and the seats were really comfortable too.

An hour and a half later we arrived in Salzburg.  The train station there is pretty basic, but I guess it works, so why have more?  Again our hotel was right by the train station – in fact so close it took us 10 minutes to walk there!  This time we were staying in our Lastminute.com Top Secret hotel.  The jist of this is they tell you what star rating the hotel is, the cost, the things it has (hair dryer, wifi etc) but not where it is or what hotel it is.  So we booked this and got the Crowne Plaza which was so nice!!  Big comfy beds, bathrobe each, tv (all german stations except news!) huge room.  It was brilliant.

First thing we did was go for a walk.  The front desk staff were lovely and gave us a map of Salzburg and pointed out some places to go, and showed us where we needed to go for our Sound of Music tour the next day.

We walked down to the river and  crossed the bridge down to the old town.  Took us no more than 10 minuets to walk there.  The weather was pretty good too, although at night it was pretty cold. We went out at about 6.30 and the sky was Subaru blue, it was so pretty and you could see the stars,  unlike crappy London.  So we wandered around for a while and got dinner while we were out and then headed back to the hotel.

The next morning we were up early for our sound of music tour.  We went out and got some breakfast and then waited around for the tour to start.  We assumed it would be a bus with sound of music pictures on the outside and the music playing inside, oh how wrong were we?  It was a big normal bus and a little bit of music played at really irrelevant and random times.  The tour was a bit of a disappointment, we saw the house from the movie – the lake was completely frozen over.  But we learnt that only the back side of the house was used in the movie, you never actually saw the front of the house.  Then we saw the gazebo which is now locked as some knob thought she was the girl from the movie and was skipping from each bench inside the movie and slipped and broke her hip!  Retards much?  So they have locked it, but we got a photo of the outside.  Then we saw the lake district of Salzburg which was beautiful and covered in snow.  From here we headed out to Mondsee where the church is where they got married.  Brought more postcards (which still havent been posted lol).

When we got back from the tour we wandered around the town some more and stopped and had dinner, then back to the hotel to work out what we were going to do in Vienna tomorrow.

The next morning we did a Crowne Plaza breakfast…omg so much food!  Scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, ham, cheese, bread, coffee x 2 (damn that was good coffee!!) and a bowl of cereal with raspberry yoghurt and dried fruit.

Needless to say we didn’t need to eat for a while lol.

So we checked out of our hotel, walked the 10 minutes to the station and 2 hours and 40 minutes later we arrived in Vienna.

We decided to walk to the hotel as it didn’t look far on the map, but after walking for what seemed like a year we finally worked out where we needed to be (which wasnt where we originally thought).  We were absolutely knackered by the time we got to the hotel and it was really hot when we got there too.  A temperature board said that it was 15 degrees!

As it was reasonably late we decided to go in search of food.  As we had no idea where we actually were and our map was massive, we stopped and asked the receptionist if they could recommend somewhere decent to eat within a short distance.  She handed us an A4 map with restaurants in the area on it!!  So we picked an italian place and headed there.

The following day we set out and just wandered all day.  We had nothing planned and really didn’t know where we were going.  But we wandered down to the museum quarters and took some photos and then down to the 2 main shopping strips Karntner Strasse and Maria Hilfer Strasse, I got a couple of souvenirs to send home ( I know they just “love” the tacky souvenirs lol!)

The following day we were up at 7 to catch the CAT (train) to the airport and fly home.

It was a great 6 days, we had some awesome weather.  Unfortunately when we got home the weather in London had turned to poos and was bitterly cold for weeks afterwards.  The weather is just starting to pick up now.

Salzburg was absolutely gorgeous and I’d go back in a second.  Munich was horrible, dirty and full of rude obnoxious German’s.  Vienna was okay, but I wouldn’t go back.

In other news, I booked my tickets home for Xmas and Jess’s wedding.  So I leave London on the 21st of December and leave Chch on the 28th of Jan.  I’m so looking forward to it.  I don’t think I could do another Xmas here, it’s doing my head in and I’m just ready to come home.

Nothing else is really happening at the moment, and I’ve managed to finish typing this just as it got to 5pm on friday (beer trolley time and its late!)

Anyways, will sign off now and do another update after easter.


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