New Year, New Beginnings

I’ve been trying to write this blog for the last month, but its been so busy at work, that by the time I get home I just can’t be bothered writing it.  So yes it has been a while, but tough bikkies.  If you don’t like it…dont read it 😛

The Christmas period was quite different from the last one.  I worked through this time round and for some reason I was flat-out right up until Christmas eve.  Last year it died off at the start of December.  The three days between Christmas and New Years were completely dead that Matt and I only did a couple of hours each day.  There really wasnt any point in me being there, but I needed to be “just in case”.

Christmas day was spent with the Gabays.  But it was only the 5 of us this year, which to be honest was nice, otherwise its just too overwhelming for my liking.  The kids got completely spoilt as usual lol!  In fact I think we all did 🙂

Its taken a while for work to pick up again for me.  But as of last week its been pretty full on, which is a little weird as its not normally this busy.

Christmas and New Years was spent eating and drinking way too much!  But good times all round.

Nothing much has happened really since my last update.

We had a lot of snow the weeks leading up to Christmas, but unfortunately in London it had all melted by Christmas day so no white Christmas for me 😦  I have to admit, I’m getting to the point where I’m over the snow now.   It’s cold, wet and miserable.  However I did go to Bath just after new years.  There was so much snow out there.  Sitting on the train watching big empty fields covered in snow go zooming past was kind of cool!!  I was so glad I wore my gumboots when I went to Bath as there was a lot of snow there as well.  Which meant I could stomp through it without worrying about slipping and landing on my arse haha!  Okay so that would have been funny to watch if it was someone else – not so cool when its yourself! (not that I have slipped on the snow yet).  Photos from Bath are up HERE if you havent seen them.

So what does 2010 bring?  Well at lot actually I’m just hoping I can fit everything in.

I was meant to be doing a week of travel in the middle of the year with a friend, but I’m going to have to cancel that as I can’t fit it in then.  So I’m looking at doing a tour of Prague, Poland and Budapest as I have 5 days holiday I need to use before the end of March so this fits in perfectly.

The 17th of February is going to be one hell of a day!  I’ll be staying at Michelle’s on the Tuesday night, then up early and off to the Roald Dahl museum then back at the flat by 6 to do a Ghost Bus Tour with Lisa (my room mate – way cooler than the last  one…and she isn’t gross and feral like the last one woohoo!) which starts at 7.30.  So should be one hell of a day.  I’m  also looking at going to the Venice Carnival on 12-15 Feb – hopefully Ellie is coming with me as she’ll be back in the UK by then!! (WOW Feb is looking really busy lol)

I’m also looking at doing a 10 day tour which goes to Berlin, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo.  Looks really awesome, but depends on how I get on with everything else.

Plus my awesome sister got engaged!!!  So I’ll be heading home for that too.  Hopefully it will fit in with Xmas and New Year, but if not then I’ll just head home for the wedding (wow that sounds so weird lol).  Just wish I could be there to help her organise it 🙂  I’m sure it will be lovely anyways and it will be summer (w00t)

I’m looking at possibly becoming Blackberry Certified, which will look awesome on my CV 🙂  That might be towards the end of this year or maybe next year.

So yeah, this year is going to be really full on.  I’m so excited about starting everything.  Plus I renewed my National Trust membership so I can do lots of day trips over the weekend.  Just need to get myself organised so I can manage it all.  But this is me we’re talking about.  Organising is what I do best.  And if I want something that bad…I’ll make it happen!  If not, well I wouldn’t be where I am now 🙂

Anyways my email has just flooded itself, which means I need to do some work.  Headphones in – blocking out the sound of Mr Sniffles (I’m so about to stab him with my scissors!).  Oohh and we are rearranging the office…Im so im my element right now! (loser much haha)



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