I so just burnt my finger while cooking dinner and it blistered straight away.  It is so incredibly ouchies its not funny….

Anyways, thought it was about time to do another update on this thing.

I really havent got a lot to talk about so I cant imagine that this blog will be a) very interesting and b) very long, but this is me, and what do i do best? Apart from spill glitter and corrupt children?  I waffle!

Anyways where do I start?

So a few weeks ago Hannah and I went to Pollock’s Toy Museum.  It was my birthday present to Hannah, and Finn was meant to come with us, but he had testicles in the back of his throat (for the uneducated that means he had swollen tonsils) so Michelle thought it best that he stayed at home.  In all honesty, he didnt miss much.  I was quite disappointed with the toy museum.  Hannah said she enjoyed it, even thought it was quite small.  She was really quiet while we were on the tube going there, which isnt like Hannah at all.  Normally she’s full of beans but she was a little upset that Finn wasnt there with her (it took me half an hour to get that out of her).  So we took the tube from Northfields out to Goodge Street and then Hannah and I went on a mission to find some lunch.  Hannah decided McDonalds was the place to go until she saw Subway.  So off we went and sat down and ate subway and she started to come right.  We walked down to the toy museum and after Hannah directed us in the wrong direction (no honestly!  She had my iphone and was telling me which way we needed to go)  Luckily we only walked a short distance and then I checked where we were and corrected us.  So we eventually get there and the place is pretty small – although they had an awesome old school cash register – but the guy sitting behind it was kinda creepy looking so I didnt bother taking a photo of it.  So we had a we wander around and it took us about 20 minutes to see everything.  They had a whole heap of different stuff from Teddy Bears dating back to 1900.  Old Spaceships to Gollywogs.  There are a small amount of photos up HERE but it was really hard to photo as we had to photo through glass 😦

Anyways, Hannah spent ages looking through the shop to find something to take home for Finn.  That was until I discovered Noisy Putty.  So I brought them one each and off we set.  I didnt know that Michelle hated farting noises….i do now haha!!  She hated the stuff.  So I took a couple of video’s of the kids making farting noises with their putty which can be found HERE (please note the video quality isnt the greatest because a) of where i was sitting and b) because its on my iphone and I wasnt prepared for it, it was purely a spare of the moment thing)

Not much really happened after that.   Although I did go to Monkey World in Dorset.  OMG this place was so cool.  Jess would have had a field day here.  So we took the train to monkey world it took like 2.5 hours to get there and it was pretty damn cold.  We saw so many monkeys.  My favourites were definitely the Orang-utans.  They were so adorable and playful.  There were two sitting inside their shelter which looked like a mom and its baby.  And there was this lady standing outside with her bag up against the glass looking for something in her bag, but she was showing the monkeys what was in her bag – lipstick, mirror, tissues, everything you could think of finding in a woman’s handbag.  When she eventually reached the bottom of her bag, she looked at the two monkeys and said there was nothing more and they both moved away from the window.  Very smart animals!  I havent put the photos of this up yet as most of them were pretty crap as the enclosures & monkeys were too far away or i was photoing through scratched glass, but the few photos i do have will be up HERE in their own folder – when I get around to doing it lol

But nothing proved how smart these animals are until we were just about to leave.  We went and saw one of the bigger enclosures and the monkeys were all inside as it was cold and getting dark – it was about 4pm.  They had this massive shelter with wooden ledges around the wall.  There was a heap of straw at the bottom and most of the monkeys had a big pile of it that they had made into a nest with blankets as well.  It was amazing to watch them build their own nest and sit in it and then one of them even wrapped one of his many blankets around himself.  Was so awesome.

Anyways since then Ive done very little.  Its cold and miserable here now.  Winter is kicking in unfortunately.

Take care xxx


~ by adventuresofglittergirl on 24 November, 2009.

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