Snails, Snow and 30 degree Heat

Yeah okay so this is well overdue, but I dont care!  You lot can suffer mwahahaha

So anyways, my last update was about my trip to Edinburgh, which seems like an entire life time ago now.  After that was my Europe Trip….Oh yes we did watch Euro Trip on the bus!!!

Alrighty, Lets see if my brain still remembers what we did….

It all started with a 4am wake up call … i tell you what 4am is not a time my body is used to, in fact up until then I wasnt even sure that 4am actually existed!  Apparently it does, and its not a nice time!  So up I get, and by 5am there is a black cab waiting to take me to the hostel we were meeting at.  Now I did this tour through Topdeck who arent like Contiki and have a meeting the day before so you can see who is going to be on tour with you.  So I got there and had no idea what was happening.

Eventually we borded the bus and off we set!  All I wanted to do was sleep but I was sitting in an aisle seat which makes for uncomfortable sleeping conditions.  I was, however sitting next to Katie, another Kiwi who was really nice so we chatted for a bit.  It felt like the drive to Dover was an eternity, but in reality it wasnt that long.  So we arrive in Dover (saw the White Cliffs – not overly impressive, but still took a couple of photos).  We stayed here for about an hour, had some food, enjoyed the view and then jumped on the Ferry to take us to Calais, France.

We then spent the rest of the day driving to Paris.  The drive to Paris was pretty uneventful (I think, honestly I cant remember!!).  When we got to Paris, we took our stuff to our rooms.  Katie and I were sharing with Simone and Jas who were pretty cruisy!  We then went and had dinner and then off for a Bus Tour of Paris.  Being night time and travelling in a bus, taking photos was pretty much a no go with an SLR camera, but thats okay.  The following day we had to ourselves and we could do whatever we wanted.  Katie and I set out with Bree and Jedda and louise and Kat and headed off to the Lourve.  OMG this place was amazing!  Did you know, (oh yes! useless piece of information time!) if you spent 1 minute at each painting inside to Lourve it would take you 8 months to see everything, and they only put 5% on display!  Thats a whole lotta paintings!!  We went off to see Mona Lisa.  Its all boxed in glass and roped off, but still quite impressive!

We also went and saw the Arc De Tiomphe, this was pretty awesome.  The architechure in Paris was kinda cool.  We saw the Eiffel Tower as well, and saw some unromantic, cliched guy propose to his girlfriend under the Eiffel Tower *Yawnfest*  (grow an imagination!)

OMG we went to the Catacombs as well!  This place was awesome, it was full of skeletons of Monks.  Unfortunately having such a large camera and not being allowed to take photos I couldnt, but this is the Wikipedia page for it. 

We also went and saw Notre Dame as well.  We seemed to walk for hours.  We, of course, stopped and had Crepes as well!  We had a pinic dinner across from the Eiffel Tower – where snails were on the menu.  Im sorry, but I have a friend called Snail, so eatting a snail seemed wrong on so many levels!  Plus they were covered in some lumpy sinus infected green snot.  They didnt look appealing at all, lol.  Overall I wasnt impressed with Paris, in fact that was probably the worse part of the tour.  The People were so Incredibly rude as well.

The next morning we headed off to Switzerland – man this was one hell of a long drive!  And it rained, the only time we had rain in the 8 days I was on the tour.

Switzerland was AMAZING!  I absolutely loved it.  We stayed in Lauterbrunnen!  I fell in love here!  Lauterbrunnen is a small village in Switzerland, so small that the population is only about 2500!  Yep thats pretty small, but it was such a gorgeous place, it was so picturesque. 

We took one of the click-clack trains (yes, it probably does have a proper name, but I’m buggered if I know what, and I dont really care, click-clack is a cool sounding word!) to Jungfraujoch, which at 3,454m (11,323ft) high is the highest railway station in Europe.  When we got to the top I was feeling rather sick, I thought I was going to pass out from the altitude.  The girls went out into the snow to go to the look out, but I wasnt feeling well so stayed put and it was warmer lol!  When we got here the fog was so thick you couldnt see anything, but within the space of an hour it magically disappeared and the view was absolutely incredible!  Definitely somewhere I would go back to.  I absolutely loved Switzerland.

Next stop was a couple of hours in Pisa.  Even though you know the Leaning Tower is on a lean (duh!) you still look at it and think “Wow its on more of a lean than I would have expected” lol.  Sounds silly, but if you go there, you’d understand.

Then we headed off to Florence.  Florence was okay, but I felt we were there for too long.  There wasnt a lot to do, and I expected it to be more like “Under the Tuscany Sun” but it wasnt.  So we had a walking tour in the morning.  We saw Duomo, which is a gothic cathedral, which apparently took 5 centuries to complete!  Thats a long time!  Mind you, if you saw it, you would understand why.  We saw the fake statue of David.  But other than that Florence was pretty average.

Then we went to Rome.  WOW!!!!!!  Rome was Fantastical!! (new word!)
So this was where I left the tour.  The tour was made up of two groups.  The group that was doing the 8 day tour from London to Rome and the 26/28? Day tour that did a whole lotta other stuff and eventually went back to London.  So my last day here we had a tour of the Vatican – Yep time for another piece of useless information – If you were to spend one minute at each thing (Sculpture/Painting etc) in the Vatican it would take you 12 years to see everything!  Thats a hell of a long time to spend in one museum!  So we did this for most of the morning.  After this….we walked until we could walk no more!  Omg we saw so much stuff.  Trevi Fountain – OMG WOW!  Nothing can describe how amazing this fountain is.  We saw the Pantheon.  This place isnt much to look at from the outside, but you go inside and its fantastic.  We went to Piazza Navona and saw the fountain of four Rivers and the Fontana Del Nettuno.  We went and saw the Colosseum as well.   The architechure and statues in Rome are like nothing else.  We had Pizza and Gelati in this cute wee place.   So many flavours to choose from!  After this we headed back to camp and partied till the wee hours.  The group then carried on with their tour and I made my way to the other side of Rome to wait for Michelle to arrive.

So I made it on the train, by myself, with my luggage, in one piece, without getting lost.  Yay me!  I registered at the hotel and went upstairs to shower.  OMG the weather in Rome was so incredibly hot!  You have a shower, go outside and within 3 minutes you need another shower, but how brown did I get (without a sunbed!).  OH YEAH.  However, I sat on the bed and fell asleep!  I was a tired little bunny.  I woke up just before Michelle arrived (must be my super powers telling me!).  So we showered (seperately obviously) and got ready to go out.  Where were we heading?  The Pantheon.  Where did we go?  Almost everywhere except the Vatican!!  We did the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, The Pantheon, Piazza della Repubblica, Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II, Piazza Colonna, Piazza Navona.  Im sure I’m missing something but who knows.  By the end of it we were knackered so we stopped at this little wee restuarant.  It was between Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon.  We had this short wee waiter who took quite a shinning to Michelle and gave us free drinks!  (Some Sparkling red wine/Champagne thing – quite nice though!)  So we ordered our meals and the waiter kept hitting on Michelle.  At the end of the night, he asked us if we would come back, so to keep him happy we said yes, we would come back tomorrow!  We werent actually planning on it. 

The next morning – after a nice wee sleep in – we got up and headed to the Circo Massimo, which really is nothing but grass now, but used to host the Chariot Racing.  After that we headed to the Roman Ruins/Forum.  WOW this was spectacular.  This is where the Ancient Roman City was and whats left of it is just lying around for people to walk through.  We spent so long here in the 30 degree heat.  After that we headed over to the Colosseum and wandered through that.  Honestly, I thought the colosseum was better from the outside than it was the inside, but I can say, Ive been there and i’ve been through it.  We also saw the Mouth of Truth.  The line was massive here and it was so hot that I managed to wait until no one was standing in front of it and took a photo through the gate!  I also introduced Michelle to liquorice flavoured Gelato!  Definitely a winner on that  one!  We also did the Castle Sant Angelo.

That night we were trying to decide where to go for dinner, so we decided – seeing as we somehow ended up over by Trevi fountain again, that we would go to the pasta place across from where we were the night before.  The staff were so rude, and when she finally took us inside to be seated, we took one look at the food and walked straight back out again.  We ended up at the same resturant as the night before.  The other waiter remembered us, and seated us.  He must have gone inside to tell the other guy we came back as he came out and welcomed us.  The service and food were really good here, definitely a place I’d go back to – Thanks Michelle for remembering where this was!!  So he brought us out some free drinks (the red wine/champagne stuff) as well as the drinks that we ordered while we looked through the menu.  We decided on Fish this night.  As it took so long for the fish to be cooked, he brought us another one of these free wine things (no one else in the resturant were getting these – just us!), we ordered another drink (bear in mind we hadnt eaten since lunch and it was now about 8pm).  When the meals finally came out, Michelle and I shared both of them and a plate of fries – which came out cold, so he brought us some new ones along with some bread and Vinegar and Olive Oil.  He really did spoil us!  The whole time flirting with Michelle.  We ended up talking to a random Scottish couple who were seated next to us.  They thought it was hilarious.  We finally decided, in our drunken state, that we should make a move as we had a good half hour walk back to the hotel.  So I went  and used the toilet before we left and this waiter bails me up on the stairwell.  He asked me how the meal was, and I was honest I said it was really good.  He then took my hand and kissed it *gag* so i started panicking here.  I then tried to leave and he asked if we were coming back tomorrow.  I said we were going home tomorrow, then he asked me out to a bar … in full panic mode at this point…im stuck in a stairwell where no one would come down unless they needed to pee….what was the likelihood of someone needing to pee in the next 30 seconds?  Slim…i then rudely said I had to go and ran up the stairs, sat down, told Michelle (and the Scottish couple) what had happened and that we needed to get out of here.  So we did.  We paid and we went home.  Turns out Im a pretty good navigator when need be!  So we went home and slept.  Both woke up with headaches…those free drinks may have been good (we had 3 of them plus the drinks we had) but man did they give us a mean headache!

So we spent the day wandering aimlessly until we needed to get the train to the airport. 

The rest of it was pretty uneventful.  We got to the airport, the plane was delayed due to a fault.  2 hours laterish we landed in Heathrow and caught the tube back to Michelles.  By the time I got to bed it was after 1.30 and I had to be up at 7 to get to work for 9!  needless to say the rest of the week was a right-off while I tried to catch up on sleep.  But we had an awesome time, and travelling with Michelle was fun!

Since then I have done absolutely nothing lol! Im sick of typing now, so Im going to sign off.

Laters xxx


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