Tattoos and Haggis

Theres something about watching the English hillside roll by thats truly magical.  As I watch them roll by it almost reminds me of driving on the open roads back home.

The rain has finally stopped, theres blue sky’s above us but black skys in front.  More rain to come?  As cars drive past they spray rain up from the road leaving a rainbow in their trail.

It’s now 11.18 and we have been on the road since 7am.  Ive been up since 4am and after a very sleepless night I am seriously starting to feel it.  I need coffee

The things you do for an adventure!!

We are on our way up to Edinburgh.  I dont know anyone on the coach but Im hoping that in time I will know at least a handful of people who I will stay in touch with after our adventure.

This is my first trip out of England and Im so excited, Im heading to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo with Contiki.  We are about to make our last stop before Edinburgh.  Its getting cold, and Im worried that I havent packed enough warm clothes.  Only time will tell.  Im starting to get very uncomfortable and I’m looking forward to the next stop so I can get out and stretch.

We are back on the bus now, we just had our last stop before Edinburgh.  I met two really nice people while at our stop.  An Australian guy who just showed me a new technique on my camera – although I’m still unsure of his name!  And a really nice New Zealand girl who has only just got here.

That was where my mindless ramblings ended.

We made one last stop when we got to the border and saw a piper and the view.  Words cannot describe just how amazing the Scottish landscapes are.  But OMG it is freezing out there!  You could freeze the balls off a brass monkey its that cold out there!   Tonight we are off to a special dinner for us with a Piper playing for us as well.  Im looking forward to trying the Haggis – when in Scotland you have to do these things – just like walking past a guy in a kilt and lifting his kilt – just to make sure he’s wearing it properly (this actually did happen later – but I’ll get to that)

So we get to the place we are staying – which is the Uni – but we get our own rooms which is awesome because I so miss having my own room!!  We have enough time to freshen up then its back on the bus to head out to dinner.  I end up sitting with the two that I met on the way here – and finally learn their names too!

Dinner was amazing, I had the Haggis as a starter, chicken with a whiskey sauce for the main.  Photos are up on Smugmug as usual.  After this we went into town for a bit of drinking.  Now when I say a bit of drinking, I mean drinking like a true Scotsman would and ended up getting home at 5am! Whoops!  Anyways up bright an early to be on the bus at 9am – couldnt face breakfast.  Meet up with Ellie on the bus and we spent the day wandering through Edinburgh.  We started by heading to the surgeons museum which we found didnt open till 12 so we went and took some photos, walked around.  We walked to the Scot Monument which is a massive gothic looking thing which we climbed to the top of. Man were our legs sore after this!  Then we went and saw North South Divide which was free comedy and OMG these guys were hilarious!!  They were so funny, we were so glad we went to that.  Then we headed back to the surgeons museum.  After this we were knackered that we went back to our rooms had a wee granny nap before heading back out for the night.

This was the night we went to the Military Tattoo.  I was so guttered because my camera really wasnt handling it and my wee sony didnt really have enough battery life in it to take many photos.  But I got some.  I absolutely loved the Tattoo, although it was like Brass Monkeys there as well.  By the time we left my hands were blue I was so cold and wearing so many layers as well.  After this we heading into town for some serious drinking, singing and dancing.  We had an absolute ball this night.  So much so that we didnt get home until 6!  Back up again, although this time at the later time of about 10!

Ellie, Gus, Christian and I went out in search of greasy food to ease our hangovers and settled on a pub breakfast.  We then spent the day wandering aimlessly around Edinburgh.  Just before we departed and heading back to our rooms we brought tickets to go and see Stephen K Amos.

We then went our separate ways and most of us went for a granny nap before dinner.  Dinner ended up being Christian and I at the pub, briefly being joined by Pete, our driver.  Then we all met up to go see Stephen K Amos.  I really wasnt in the mood for going out, but we had brought tickets and it was our last night in Edinburgh.  Ellie was so tired, I dont think she was really in the mood for it either.  But we got there, got front row seats and it was absolutely brilliant.  I was so glad I went and would pay to see him again.  We finally got home at about 11.30 and went straight to bed as it was up early to be back on the bus at 9.

After an english breakfast with Ellie we jumped onto the coach.  Ellie and I were sitting with each other, until the two people in front of us moved so Ellie and I had two seats to ourselves.  You know what that means!  I curled myself up on both seats and slept a good 5 hours of the way back home.  God did I need it!!

I had a great time and for anyone who hasnt experienced the Military Tattoo and is thinking about it, I strongly recommend going.  Its fantastic!

So now that I’m back I’m still in contact with Christian and Ellie – although she was in Ireland for a while so havent really heard from her, and I occasionally hear from Gus.  Gus is heading back to Australia soon which is a shame, but I’m hoping to catch up with the other two when I get back from my next holiday which starts in 2 days …. Paris Switzerland and Rome.

And the best bit – I got myself an iPhone and downloaded the WordPress application so I can blog while I’m away – if I actually do it is a completely different story.

See you in 12 days!!


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