OMG someone needs to remove every single purple lollie from the world.  Have you ever noticed just how many purple lollies you get, especially when purple lollies are totally 100% feral!  They are rank beyond all rankness. *hehe i like that actually – rank beyond all rankness…that will so be reused!*

Okay well I have a lot to catch up on, seeing as the last time I updated this was when I went to Arundel.  What on earth have I done since then???

Well I have finally moved into a flat and unfortunately I am sharing a room.  This is also rank beyond all rankness.  Its so irritating, actually she is so irritating.  If I am downstairs she will go downstairs, if I’m upstairs she will go upstairs….along with the washing issues…..eeww shes so incredibly gross!  So I am going to look for somewhere else to live….somewhere where I have my own room!!!

What else have I done????

Ooooohhhh I went to Brighton and fell in love!  I absolutely LOVED Brighton.  If it wasn’t so far to get to work from Brighton I would so move there.   Even the Beach….which isn’t really a beach as it has pebbles and not sand… was awesome.  It was so hot down there too when I went.  Stupidly though, in my pure retardedness, I actually set out that day to go to Camden Markets with my camera.  So I only had half a battery when I set out.  It was a good thing my blackberry has a pretty decent camera in it.  So I definitely have to go back as I got like no photos of the Pier, that and this place is so cool!

What else did I do?

Oh I went to Cambridge which I must say I wasn’t overly impressed with.  I think because I expected it to be like Oxford with all the cool stuff close together, but its not.  Cambridge is very spread out in comparison.
However I did see the coolest thing ever….a man sitting inside a street rubbish bin playing guitar and singing!!  A photo of this can be found HERE But other than this, I really wasn’t feeling Cambridge.

What else???  This really is a struggle…i should so update this more frequently….maybe when I get an iPhone I’ll update it more….Yep Sarah needs new toys.  Seems like Dad is getting all these toys!  I need one.  Yes Mom – Still looking for a laptop, but Ive got to find the right one first!

So I skyped home the other day as I always do on a Saturday morning.  And Aunty Desy was there.  Apparently her son had kicked her out of her own home for his 21st party!!  Classic ahe??!!  However she told me about this tree.  I can see you looking at this strangely thinking “a tree?”  But its not just any old tree – well it is old in fact its 900 years old!!  Cool huh?  So this tree, actually its just a tree stump, is called the Elfin Oak.  Its the most coolest thing I have ever seen….okay well maybe not ‘ever’ but it came pretty damn close!!  So this tree was originally in Richmond Park and was relocated to Kensington Gardens and in the early 1900’s some guy carved all these little elves and stuff into the tree.  There’s Elves and rats, shoes and foxes, turtles and bird.  Its really quite cool.  Again photos can be found HERE

Well other than that, not a lot has been happening to be honest.   I’m off to the Edinburgh Festival on Friday with Contiki so that should be fun.  And then in September I am doing a tour with Topdeck which goes from London to Paris, through Switzerland and down to Rome – so excited about this!!!!!!

Anyways, I’ve waffled way to much now.



~ by adventuresofglittergirl on 25 August, 2009.

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