Fingers Crossed

Well its now time for another thrilling update of Glitter Girls Adventures.

However I am going to start off with how awesome are the guys at Moving2London!!!  This site was my lifeline before making my move to London.  They are currently running a competition to win an Asus laptop so make sure you keep your fingers crossed for me as I SO need a new laptop, mine is dying an extremely slow and irritating!

As for travel news.

Well I got up early on Sunday morning (what was I thinking?) and I made my way to Victoria Station.  From here I caught the train down to Arundel. 1 hour and 30 minutes and some Bowling for Soup I arrived in Arundel.  A short 10 minute walk in the sun and I had reached the enterance to the castle.  £15 later (but so worth it to see inside the bedrooms!) I was inside the castle.  I was so excited to actually be inside the castle as I have dreamed about going since I was a kid flicking through the blue hard covered castle book dad had.  It was absolutely brilliant!  And the gardens were spectacular.  I took some photos – obviously you cant take photos of the inside of the castle and the castle is so massive and spread out that its nearly impossible to get the whole castle while standing on the ground – however a photo from the air would be awesome!  Photos will be uploaded tonight when I get time.

What else is happening?  I have finally been given access to the BES so I can now set my own activation codes without having to wait ages for it!  GO ME!!

I am *trying* to learn Cisco stuff – this should be interesting, I dot know anything about Cisco.  But Stuart very kindly sent me some stuff to read so fingers crossed my tiny little brain can handle it.  It needs stimulating some how!

Other than that its been a fair unproductive few weeks since I last updated this.  So I shall sign off now, as I have no idea and Im waffling something chronic!

Will try and update again soon xxx


~ by adventuresofglittergirl on 29 June, 2009.

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