Mmmm Waffle!

Well I just read back through my blog – why?  No idea to be honest.  But far out I waffle!  In all honesty this isn’t anything new, as everyone always tells me I waffle, but I never realised just how bad it was. (see waffling again!)

So I haven’t really improved on the whole updating blog thingy, but that’s just tough, you’ll just have to live with it 😛  I’m sure one day I will get better and by that stage people will be used to only checking my blog once a month for an update that they wont even notice lol (more waffling)

I’m trying to think back to what I have been doing. 

Oohh the guy upstairs gave me an UNFAIL stamp the other day!  w00t!  So now not only do I get to FAIL people but I can UNFAIL them if I feel sorry for them!!  How Awesome is this?  Its 28 times betterer with lots of 000’s!! (for those that know the Primo advert this will make sense….to those that don’t… hahaha FAIL! No seriously will see if its on You Tube because its fantastic!)

What else has happened?

Oh Dad had his operation the other week and shaved off his moustache!  Yep shaved it off…all gone…a little weird having never known dad without it.  Doesn’t look quite so much like George Harrison now, but still kinda cool!  I remember when we were kids and we were playing barrel of monkeys dad would grab our head and kiss us really hard on the forehead with his prickly moustache to try and make us drop our monkeys.  Lol its funny the things you remember!

Speaking of remembering things, Michelle and I had a conversation about Nanna and Grandad last night, which resulted in me drawing the outline of their house in Hoon Hay Road…Weird! (even more waffling)

OMG how could I have forgotten the shopping trip with Penny??!!
Okay so Penny is one of Michelle’s Australian friends who stayed for about a week and man can this girl shop!!
On the Sunday we went to Westfields and I’m not kidding we shopped for 5 hours!  I finally found a nice short denim skirt.  Probably a bit shorter than I would normally wear but with black leggings under it, its not too bad.  However a new skirt meant new shoes!  I needed some flat slipper/ballet shoes.  I knew exactly what I wanted, it was just a matter of finding them.  Jess showed me her ones and that’s what I was looking for.  However in this massive shopping mall do you think I could find any??  Nope!  Even the sketchers ones weren’t that great.  But Penny had a ball and brought a decent amount of stuff. 
By the end of it we were all absolutely buggered.  So off we went home to relax in the sun.

On the Monday (it was a bank holiday so no work!) we went out to Bicester.  This place was fantastic!!!  It was all designer stuff at discounted prices (for those at home, kind of like Dressmart but really big designer clothes).  They had every name you could think of.  DKNY, D&G, Marnie, MaxMara, Ralph Lauren, Tag, Diesel, Calvin Klein, LK Bennet, Karen Millen, Burberry, Mulberry, Dior,  Versace,  Puma etc.

Now I only mentioned Puma because of the funny experience we had in there.  The day before when we were out at Westfields I saw a really nice pair of Puma flat shoes that would have been perfect for my skirt.  However they were £50.  So I held off to see if I could get something else.  Well at the Puma shop I found another pair that were so cute for only £40.  The guy in there was quite cute as well.  So Michelle starts making these comments about him, he thinks shes my mother (hahaha) and he mentions that if you buy something you get half price off a second item…Michelle’s reply?  Can we take the shoes and get you free!  LOL it was ssssoooo funny!  Although she wasn’t impressed about the mother comment lol. 

Anyways, I also found these really sexy sunglasses.  They were Ralph Lauren and were SO Audrey Hepburn/Jackie O like I absolutely fell in love with them.  Street prices was £179 but at Bicester they were down to £119.  But still I couldn’t justify £119 on a pair of sunglasses.  But they really were the awesomest glasses I have seen and I cant find anything similar and cheaper.

Again we shopped for about 6 hours.  By the end of the long weekend I was absolutely knackered, completely shopped out.  But still we had a great time and Penny brought so much stuff, I will never know how she managed to get it all home!!  And how many people need that many shoes?? lol

So that weekend we had some gorgeous weather and it just got better from there.  The other weekend it was so hot Michelle and I sat outside reading and drinking all day!  I was drinking Pitu (shudders just thinking about it) mixed with some premixed drink that already had a minute amount of white rum in it.  But eventually we ran out of that and the Pitu was mixed with Orange juice which was a bit nicer – although that could have been because I was on to my fourth? drink lol.  So there we were reading, drinking, sizzling in the sun.  It was fantastic!!  Although I got sunburn on my arm in a weird place which hurt a lot (warren – for those who know Empire records ‘Coz it would hurt a lot warren’ will make sense – for those that don’t FAIL! Go watch it!!).  On the Sunday it was just as hot, so again we sat out side drinking, reading, sizzling in the sun.  I tell you what though, my legs, arms and even my feet are tanned!  I’m thanking the sunbedding for this as normally I would just burn, however now I have tan lines which is not so cool.  Anyways the hot weather stuck around for a good week after that, now….its raining 😦

Well I think I have officially run out of waffle. So I shall leave it here

Waffle Waffle xx


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