Just Dance

Spin that record babe da da doo-doo mmm

I so have this song stuck in my head at the moment!
Anyways I thought it was well and truly time for an update on here.

I dont really have a lot to report, but let me think back to what I have done.  God I have no idea what I have done over the last month.

Findlay had his birthday on ANZAC day.  So we had a football party down at the local park.  The weather was good for a change and they had a great time.  After football they all came back here and had hotdogs and icecream before Michelle brought out her wonderful homemade sponge cake covered in chocolate!  OMG it was so good!!
Jess had her birthday the day after, so I rung home and had a wee (long) chat with her.

Um what else have I done??  Not much really.  I rung home the other week and spent most of the time listening to Crystal (Jess’ dog) lick the phone lol.  Then my parents had this bright (dull) idea that skype would be a good (bad) idea.  So now instead of ringing home every Saturday I now have to sit in front of a camera looking like a knob talking to them lol.  Its definitely an interesting experience.  Jess and Doug have a camera but not a microphone yet, so we can set it up for them as well.

Danny took the kids and I out to see the HMS Belfast, that was kinda cool.  Its absolutely massive!  And it was cold and raining which didnt help the experience lol.  To get to the HMS we had to cross the Tower Bridge.  This is an amazing piece of architechture.  So I look lots of photos trying to get it to look right.  But because the sky was grey (as usual) and it was raining, the photos were pretty average.  Even though Adrian tried to convince me they looked fine.  We also went out to St Katherines Dock.  This place is just awesome!  With all the little wee shops looking out on to the dock.  Its fantastic i really liked it out there.

um what else.  OH i got a FAIL Stamp!!  How awesome! One of the guys at work, who is really nice, got me a FAIL stamp.  So i FAILed my entire team while they were all at the pub, and of course one of them didnt get…no brains.  He really needs a FAIL stamp on his forehead.  But I have FAILed almost everything.  There are post it notes covered in the word FAIL everywhere.

Adrian and I are entering a photography competition.  Why?  Because someone sent me this link and told me to enter and i was like…dude are you for real?  So I sent the link to Adrian to get his opinion, expecting him to say, yep thats out of your league…but no.  The Ham told me to go for it.  So somehow I got talked into doing this.  So Adrian is going to show me how to edit one of my photos, coz i cant use lightroom – retard much?  But yeah.  Speaking of Adrian, we are looking at doing a roadtrip through Europe.  Starting in Paris and working our way across to Romania and then back through the bottom via Greece and Italy.  But its currently pending his work situation and whether or not I can afford it.  But its a once in a life time opportunity so Im hoping we can get it sorted!

I really dont think I have anything else to say at the moment.  I will try and sort this silly blog out and get it updated more often (yes I know I say that every time) but it really is quite a struggle to remember what I have done.

Anyways, Im going to go and sort out some new music for my mp3 player.



~ by adventuresofglittergirl on 13 May, 2009.

4 Responses to “Just Dance”

  1. Go for it all- the photo competition and Europe. You will never regret the experence.

  2. Hee hee, you called me nice!

  3. Ha ha! You called me nice!

  4. hahaha well i never expected you to read this, but you are nice. There arent a lot of nice people in WBT, and how many ppl give me FAIL stamps 😉

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