Yeah okay so this is well and truly overdue but figured I better write it before I ring home and Mom complains again that she doesn’t have anything to read.

So its like really cold here again….really cold….my bones ache 😦 but thankfully mom and dad sent me some more fluffy socks W00T!

okay so where do I start?  I don’t think much really happened between my last post and my now but we will start with the weekend of my birthday (21st Feb)

For the first time since I got here, it was nice and sunny.  So sunny in fact that I went out in my little skirt a short sleeved top and a cardi – I didn’t even take a jacket!!
So I met Amanda at the train station – after I worked out where the hell I was going, I couldnt be bothered to work out how to find out where Amanda was coming from so told her where to meet me outside.   From here we went out for a quick Sammie and worked out what we were going to do.

Camden Market!  Everyone needs to experience Camden.  Its fantastic.  Lots of loud old music or drum n bass depending where you are, lots of tattoos, piercings, bright colored hair and stripey socks!!  After wondering through the markets looking at all the awesome things to buy (and not actually buying anything) we then headed of the the Proud Gallery in the Camden Stables.  It was awesome.  This month it featured AC/DC – then we went through to the other side and saw the best moments of Proud – this is a mixture of Rolling Stone, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash and all sorts of other people they have featured.  It was great.

After that I figured we should probably go and drop Amandas bags at the hostel as she probably had to register before a certain time.  So we did this, I waited down stairs while she sorted her stuff out.

Then we headed off to Westfields and have dinner at Wagamama’s.  We had a Curry Chicken and Rice….it was so yummy!!  And I wasn’t greedy like Amanda – I only ordered one drink haha.

After that we headed to Piccadilly Circus and saw the Live Billboard you always see on TV.  Then we went our separate ways.

On the Sunday we went on the Sight Seeing Bus through London.  This was great.  I want to take the kids on this at some point.  And yeah that was the weekend of my birthday.

The following weekend I decided to go to the Monument (for the great fire of London).  This thing is really tall and its just reopened after they revamped it.  Michelle and Danny took the kids to this – Hannah wasn’t impressed that they had to walk up 319 steps and then come back down 319 steps lol.  So I headed out and got to Holborn and they closed the station so I couldn’t carry on my journey.  So i headed outside to see if I could find a bus there….but instead I found a bus to Greenwich.  So off to Greenwich I went.  An hour and a half later (due to traffic) I ended up in Greenwich.  So I walked out to the Pier and then I went in search of the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) monumenty placey thing (yep the word has escaped me).   So I walked up this hill and took some photos and then I walked back down and off home I went….it took me 3 hours to get back due to a bus change over and tubes not running/closed.

Sunday I did nothing.  Nothing at all.  Finn and Hannah went to a party and Michelle went too, and I did nothing!  It was great!!

So now the great flat hunt begins.  Places are so expensive here.  In fact you don’t pay for a place – you pay for a room.  And they are so incredibly expensive!!

So yeah that is pretty much it at this point.  In April I am heading off to Arundel Castle when it opens *YAY*
Oh and I got a new Blackberry from work!  This time I have the new Storm…although I only had the last one (Curve 8900 – Javelin for 4 weeks hahaha)

But yeah that is officially it.  Looking for a flat/room is not fun….some people expect you to pay so much just for a piddly wee room – but I will get there.

I will not be beaten!


~ by adventuresofglittergirl on 4 March, 2009.

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  1. Oi I couldn’t help it if I couldn’t decide between the two drinks! Sucked that the fruit drink tasted like arse but ah well… the wine was nice!

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