Paint, fingers, glitter, mess!

Well Sarah should not be left in charge for small (ish) children.  If you have already seen my photos then you will know why.  If not…well this is the story of the day Michelle and Danny left me with Hannah and Findlay.

Ive looked after children before – no sweat!  And these kids are very intelligent….that is until Hannah decides she wants to paint and Sarah thinks it would be a good idea to paint with hands and fingers – at least I didn’t say Feet!  The end result was Hannah and Findlay with Paint all over their hands and fingers (and Hannah, unfortunately is like me, and got it on her face too!)  So it was a pretty eventful morning and to make the experience even better….i found glitter.  Thankfully the back room doesn’t have carpet otherwise I probably wouldn’t have lived to tell this story.  But hey, I didn’t get the nickname Glitter Girl for nothing – just take a look under my desk at home (Mom do not check the carpet under my desk at home – i got most of it out haha)

Sunday saw us head out to the RAF Museum – Dad would have LOVED this place!  So I have lots of photos of planes on flickr too….don’t ask me what they are…they are just big planes.  Finn on the other hand knew what a lot of them were and Michelle corrected him where he took a wild stab in the dark and guessed what it was!  But it was quite a cool place.  We picked up a wee pack of stuff for Finn as he is currently learning about WW2 at the moment at school.  So it had things like a clothing ration book and alsorts of other things.  It was really fascinating as I love stuff on WW2 (much more interesting that WW1).
So yeah – we saw lots of different planes – was a shame dad couldn’t have seen it as he would love that place – we used to go out to the Christchurch Airport and watch the plane come and go when I was little – anyways, I’m sure he would have loved it.

Nothing else really happening at the moment. I hurt my wrist yesterday – what a retard!  I was walking behind this lady and we walked through the door into our building and she held it for me as I was behind her.  Then we have to swipe through the next door which happens to be quite heavy and swings back – well this muppet opened the door only wide enough for her to go through so I stuck my hand out to stop it from closing (coz i was too lazy to rummage through my bag to look for my security swipe card) and it swung back and hit my hand quite hard.  I had a sharp pain shoot up through my wrist up to my elbow and now my wrist is really sore.  I think I pulled the muscle in it, who knows, but it hurts so i brought some deep heat to put on it.  And to make matters worse, my throat is raw.  I think I’m coming down with Hannah’s cold – god i hope not!

Amanda is currently sitting in Auckland Airport.  Her laptop wont connect to their WiFi and someone is now sitting at the PC she was on before she went to go get a drink so she cant use the Internet at the moment and has approximately 4 hours before her next flight to Brunei lol.
But I got my ticket to Oxford for Saturday – hopefully the retard doesn’t sleep in and forget about me lol.  I have no idea what we are going to do in Oxford.  One thing we will be doing is working out what we are going to do for my birthday.
so far we have decided we will go to
1) Platform 9 and 3/4
2) Paddington station so she can see the Paddington Bear Statue
3) Camden Market – coz I need socks lol and this place is funky
4) Mojitos!!!
and that’s it…..not necessarily in that order though.

So yeah, nothing major going on at the moment.
I will report back after my visit to oxford!


~ by adventuresofglittergirl on 11 February, 2009.

One Response to “Paint, fingers, glitter, mess!”

  1. Haha I guess I’m not a total retard cos I managed to get up early enough to meet ya AND find my own way to the train station!! Quite a feat considering I had been there for less than 24hrs 😀
    mmmmmmmmm mojitos!!! I can’t wait 😀

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