London comes to a standstill

Its snowing.  In fact its snowing like I’ve never seen snow before.  Even the snow of 1992 back home wasnt as bad as this I’m sure.

This is the heaviest snow fall in 18 years aparently.  We have had 20cm of snow so far and its still very heavily snowing out side.  We went out and made a snowman earlier.  He’s a little funny looking but he’s quite big.  The snow is so fluffy too, its not cold and icy like at home.  But we are still expecting to see a lot more snow – we have had 20cm of snow so far and expecting to see another 10-15cm of it.  Hopefully it means I dont have to go to work again tomorrow and can work from home.  Everything has come to a standstill here.  Buses arent running.  Trains have stopped running.  Tubes are only partially open only two lines are fully operating.   So there was no way I was getting to work this morning.  Hopefully tomorrow will be the same 🙂

Danny and I went for a wee trip to Hampton Court on Sunday after lunch.  This place is so cool – although we only did the outside and part of the gardens but still really funky – so when Amanda gets here we shall go there and go through the inside of it.  Unfortunately its not part of the National Trust but thats okay.  But photos are now up on flickr – finally!

But thats about all I have to report at the moment.


~ by adventuresofglittergirl on 2 February, 2009.

4 Responses to “London comes to a standstill”

  1. morning sweetie.

    haha oo bugger last time we were in the snow we broke my car 🙂

    enjoy the snow i know you love it. rug up an find your self a big hottie.

  2. haha i remember that, I had to ring mom to get her to collect me from the palms lol
    Oh i miss those days lol

  3. Guess WOT
    Lilis Walking

  4. Yeah I saw the video you guys posted on FB. I cant belive shes walking. Shes so adorable

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