The Curse of the Phantom Font Changerer

Has any one noticed that my font and font color keeps changing on here?

I was scrolling through my blog just before and the fonts are different – not on all of them – but just a few.  My last blog I changed part of the text to italics and red but before then I had never changed my font or the color.  So being the person that I am – I pondered over this for approximately 2 minutes and came to the conclusion that there must be a Phantom font changerer in my blog.

Having typed this much so far and wondering why my eyes are getting sore – I realised I hadnt put my glasses back on from lunch – so i quickly put them on – rechecked my blog to make sure it wasnt just me being blind…sure enough – my font is still random in places.

I find this to be very peculiar. 

Peculiar.  This is quite a funky word.  say it over and over to your self and it begins to sound really bizarre.  Yep I am sitting here at work muttering “Peculiar” to myself…good thing everyone else from my team has disappeared into thin air.

So I have totally run out of things to say which is why I happen to be rambling – least I’m good at it I suppose.  Retard much?


~ by adventuresofglittergirl on 26 January, 2009.

One Response to “The Curse of the Phantom Font Changerer”

  1. DOn’t worry Sarah! The rambling is a family thing – especially if one has been drinking or worse NOT drinking. I think it’s on your mother’s side.

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