Technology + Sarah = defenestrated Laptop

Okay well not quite – but I came pretty damn close to throwing my laptop out the window.  The poor wee thing is really having a hard time now.  The bearing in the fan has gone and so my fan isn’t working like it should – resulting in a very hot laptop and a very noisy fan too.  And the wonderful Adrian sent me over a rather large pen drive with some “stuff” on it….and I couldn’t install the bloody thing.  Ive been waiting for this pen drive so that I can finally learn how to edit my photos but nope….Mr Laptop decided he had enough and just would not let it happen.  So now I have no idea what to do.  In all honesty my laptop really needs to be upgraded.  The hard drive and processor are just too small for all my photos and software.  So I’m really not sure what to do about it.  Its just so frustrating.  What I possibly should have done was used the money Mom and Dad gave me for Xmas and put it towards a new laptop.  Oh well…

And in other news…
I didn’t get the job I applied for.  But that’s okay I don’t really care now.  As I shall not be beaten and I have a new plan!  YAY for new plans!!

So my new plan – for those who don’t already know – although seeing as Mom and Dad and Adrian and Amanda already know….there probably isn’t anyone who doesn’t already know…but i shall write it anyways because it makes it look like I’m keeping this thing up to date (although two posts in one day – that’s impressive – even if I did write the first one on Friday and just didn’t publish it till today haha) … um … where was I?
Oh yeah – new plan!  So my plan is to stay where I am (job-wise) and make it work – somehow.  Because I have been here almost 3 months I will be entitled to holidays so I may as well stick it out for as long as I can.  Seeing as Amanda turns up in only 15 days we have decided that we will go to Edinburgh for my birthday (yes Mom and Aunty Desy – I will go to Glasgow eventually – just not yet).  From there we will look for a flat somewhere in the same sort of area as I currently am or maybe Hammersmith seeing as the tube is close to work from there….who knows…but we shall look and find something!

Amanda said her parents and brother are thinking of coming over for a visit later in the year…..her mom had better bring some cheese scones!!!!  Warm ones – with a smidgen of marg on it mmmmmmm with coffee.

Okay well I have officially run out of things to say so shall leave it there before I really start waffling lol



~ by adventuresofglittergirl on 26 January, 2009.

3 Responses to “Technology + Sarah = defenestrated Laptop”

  1. Well yay at least that gets me out of havin to learn to make primo cheese scones! hahaha 😛 Mum can do it when she comes over haha.

    CAN’T WAIT FOR EDINBURGH!!! once I get this stupid blood clot in my leg sorted that is! haha 😀 First my car craps out and now it’s my body!

  2. hhmmm maybe thats a sign you are getting old hahah
    I cant believe you didnt go to work today – DJ said he was really self consious around CH today – and you missed it and couldnt report back to me….after all my hard work hahaha

  3. haha yeah you certainly did a convincing job of it! he’s really self conscious about it haha 😛
    yeah I guess I have to admit the old bones ain’t what they used to be 😦

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