Bye Bye Miss American Pie

4.30 this morning the sky opened up and dumped a heap of rain on London.  How do I know this??  Because it woke me up and I’ve been awake ever since.  It was bad enough that it was a Monday morning – but to be woken at 4.30am.  Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse….it did.  Off I go to work (in the pouring rain) catch the bus from outside Northfields Station …. it gets no further than the top of Northfields Road than it comes to a stop….for 10 minutes….in the middle of the road along with every other Tom, Dick and Harry trying to get to work.  So we just sit there waiting for the traffic to move.  Think this is bad?  It doesn’t stop there.  I eventually get to Ealing Broadway Station – which took a total of 40 minutes rather than the normal 20 minutes it usually takes.  I step foot out of the bus and the entire area is flooded!  The park/grass area – whatever it is – is totally under water.  So is the foot path.  So I have to navigate my way onto the road, along with a bus load of other people while dodging the buses and cars to get to the station.  Finally I make it!  I grab my free TNT mag on my way in to find the station full of people and cops.  Why?  No idea!  So I go through swipe my oyster card and get to the steps to see my train patiently waiting for me.  lol.  Then I have someone come up to me telling me they need to verify my card (they do this every now and then to make sure people are actually paying) impatiently i stand there while he verifies my card – then off I run to my train – which btw I only just got on before the doors slammed shut behind me.  It takes 10 minutes on the overground train to get to Paddington Station.  During this time I ponder over how much worse this day can get.  Finally I arrive at Paddington Station.  With 5 minutes left for me to get to work.  I try to swipe my oyster card and the damn thing wont read.  By this stage I’m contemplating either going home or going in search of a large strong bourbon.  Till some idiot worker at the station interrupts my drooling and daydreaming and tells me to swipe my card again – sure enough this time it works.  So by now I have 2 minutes to get to work.  Its going to take my about 3 minutes to push my way through the masses of people to get to the exit of the station and another 4 minutes to walk to work…so i figure…why not take an extra few minutes and stop and get a coffee on the way.  So I do.  I get to my desk at work to find no one else here so it really didn’t matter that I was late to work.  After logging into my laptop and signing into MSN i realise that Adrian isn’t on line – holy crap! What am I going to do now??  Thankfully DJ logged in for a short while and after he left I chatted to Amanda for a while – trying to work out what cabin luggage she can take through Brunei…that was a tad confusing so in the end we emailed Adrian (seeing as he was rudely offline lol).  Eventually Amanda decided that sleep was more important than entertaining me and off she went to bed.  *sighs*  What the hell am I meant to do now?  So here I am updating my blog at work hahaha.

In all honesty I don’t really have a lot to write about seeing as I only updated my blog the other day.

On Friday I received a note to say that the Postie had tried to deliver a parcel for Amanda.  A little confused about this because I knew it would be her National Trust Pass and handbook and info and free binoculars…but where was mine?  I did mine the day before Amanda and there was nothing to say that mine had arrived 😦  So on Saturday Danny had to go to Tesco’s so he said he would go and see if he could pick it up.  Sure enough he comes back with not one but TWO parcels.  Mine had arrived too!!  So i ripped it open pulled out the binoculars – they are so cute – and had a wee play then i put all the information in my room (there was tonnes of it) and headed out to Portobello Road Market.  What an eye opener this place was.  The stalls take over the road and so do the pedestrians.  Lots of wee stalls full of clothes, jewellery, fresh fruit and vege.  It was quite cool – but not as cool as the Camden Market!  Unfortunately this area isn’t overly safe and there are so many people there that it made it extremely hard to take any photos.  But I got a couple and they are now up on flickr.

Saturday night Michelle and Danny went out for dinner with friends while I stayed and looked after the kids.  Finn was sitting watching Demons and Hannah was kind of watching it.  It was due to finish at 8.40 then it was bed time.  8.30 rolls around and Hannah remembers that earlier in the week Michelle and I had tried to bribe her by saying she can have her hair straightened – I cant remember why we had to bribe her, but we had all forgotten about it until Hannah remembered at 8.30.  So we straighten her hair and she looked so different.  It made her look older and totally different, she has such gorgeous curly hair (when she brushes it lol).  9pm I get them both into bed and I finally sit down with my lappy.  5 minutes later and Michelle and Danny walk in…phew that was horribly close lol.  I had to explain to Michelle that we straightened her hair so she didn’t get a fright and think that someone had swapped her child in the middle of the night.

Sunday we went out for lunch at the Osterley Pub.  Finn loves this place.  Here we met up with a couple of Michelle’s friends who she worked with.   We ate so much food I thought I was going to explode!  We didn’t get home till 4pm and none of us had the energy to do anything for fear we might just explode.

Danny found a tour that goes to Stonehenge and Salisbury for only £14 – so much cheaper than anywhere else I’ve seen.  Its for a date in April but  that’s okay because if I get two tickets then Amanda and I can go together.

And now we are back to Monday – and I’m starving so I think its now time for lunch!

YAY Adrian is online – although it is 3am there :S but he’s helping both Amanda and I work out what the rules for cabin luggage are in Brunei.

Well I really should go do something.
You know I think I would honestly die without music


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2 Responses to “Bye Bye Miss American Pie”

  1. …Drove my chevy to the levee,
    But the levee was dry.
    And them good old boys were drinkin whiskey and rye
    Singin, “this’ll be the day that I die.
    this’ll be the day that I die…

    haha YAY I get lots of mentions in this blog entry!! hehe YAY ME!
    A tad jealous of all the exploring Miss Mooreski is doing while I’m stuck in boring old NZ where my biggest excitement is receiving my UK debit card! haha. Ah well… that’ll all change in 22 days 😛 Although I’m hoping Newcastle public transport isn’t as manic as Londons! 😀

  2. Well If i get this job then we can look for somewhere to live in hammersmith or somewhere near there…hahaha 22 days – god thats not long at all

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