Champagne, Cheese and Grapes

Time for yet another long over due update lol.

Christmas time has always been a time of Family, Alcohol and Food.  The alcohol started on Christmas eve – I had to work, which was probably a good thing as it took my mind off the fact that I wasn’t going to be home for Christmas.  It turned out to be a pretty interesting day indeed.  I get to work at 8.30 because there is no one around and the bus and trains are empty and running on time.  So I muck around till 9am.  At 9.30 I got told that our team were having a Christmas Eve Breakfast in the wine bar and I was more than welcome to join them.  I was a little unsure about going and I had already had breakfast and was still drinking my coffee at that point.  But I left it for about 20 minutes then I went through, in hopes that they had all finished eating.  Sure enough they had.  So I sat down and was given a glass of Champagne and orange juice.  Not being a wine drinker, but not wanting to be rude, I drunk it anyways…along with the second one I was offered.  So that was fine we finish chatting and head back to our desks at about 11am – nice!  So far Ive done no work at all!  at 12.30 I’m starting to get hungry and try to work out what I am going to do for lunch seeing as the Wine bar is closed for lunches til the 5th of Jan.  When all of a sudden out comes trolleys of Wine, Champagne, Orange Juice and a tonne of food!  YAY!!!  The best thing about this is that they set it up just behind our desks so I didn’t have far to go – lazy I know!  So after a few more Champagne and Orange Juices and some finger food its now 2pm and I’ve literally done no work at all – except learn how to swallow champagne without spitting it out.  By this stage my manager asks me if I have any work left to do – I said no – so he sent me home!  WOOHOO!!!  So off I go home at 2pm – Brilliant!

So that night I rung home.  Being 13 hours difference it meant that even though it was still only Christmas Eve night in London it was Christmas Morning at home.  So I rung home and woke them up lol.  Had a wee chat and then left them too it.

I was really dreading Christmas this year.  It was going to be my first Christmas away from home and I just really wasn’t looking forward to it.  Michelle kept assuring me that the kids make it worth while.  And you know what, she was right.  Having never really had a Christmas with kids before (other than when we were kids) it really was magical watching them open their Christmas presents and discussing the “snow footprints” that Santa had left on the carpet.

So the morning started with me being woken by Hannah and Findlay loudly talking about all their presents and trying to convince Michelle it was time to get out of bed so they can open them.  It was only 7am!!  So up we all got.  I took my camera down with me and sleepily managed to get some photos of the kids opening their presents – the mountains of presents that Santa had left!  Santa even left me a couple of presents – along with the one I got from home.  So while Danny was cooking us scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast I rung home (even though I had rung them the night before (which was their Christmas morning).  This time however we couldn’t make head or tails of what they were talking about as they had all been drinking all day lol.  The phone was passed around and Michelle got to speak to Mom and Dad and seeing as Aunty Margret was still there she got to speak to her too and so did Danny and the Kids.  After a very interesting phone call we all sat down to scrambled eggs, toast and Champagne and Orange juice!

So after the mountain of presents had turned into a couple of presents for those who werent there yet, we all headed upstairs to get dressed and make ourselves look presentable.  I wore my new skirt and my funky green tights ahahah yep green tights!!!

Lunch was really different to what I am used to.  We had an actual sit down lunch – so much food!  Turkey, Ham, Roast Potatoes you name it, it was there!  After eating WAY too much we settled down on the couch with more alcohol (this time Bacardi breezers not champagne!) and didn’t move again until very late.  The kids had a blast.  It was a good day in all, but very different from home.

The following day we had another sit down lunch with finger food and salmon and cold meats and cheeses and yet more alcohol.  By the end of the day I was exhaused and was looking forward to a quiet day.

I had to work on the Monday and that was fairly uneventful – again I managed to leave at 3pm!!  Then I had the next 3 days off. 

On the Tuesday I had planned on going to the London Aquarium – a place I have been trying to get to since I got here.  So I leave early and off I go.  I get there and the cue is as long as Africa.  So instead I decided to walk along the Thames and take some photos.  I must have walked for about 2 hours or more and ended up at Monument.  Having no idea where I was I decided it was probably time to head home!

On the Wednesday – New Years Eve – we were going to head out to Hampton Court so the kids could go ice skating.  We had to wait for the new fish tank to be set up and then we were going to go.  However Danny got a letter about their mortgage, so instead we went to Ealing Broadway and while Michelle and Danny made their last payment on their mortgage (YAY!) I took the kids for lunch.

New Years night Breeda (Michelle’s friend) came round and we spent the night trying to keep the kids awake (which was also keeping us awake).  About 5 to 12 we switched the TV to a channel that was showing Big Ben and was about to do its count down, Danny brings in a bowl each with 12 small grapes in it.  He explained that each time Big Ben’s bell chimed during the count down you had to put a grape in your mouth and see how many you can fit.  Thankfully Breeda didn’t know about this tradition either lol.  So the bells start chiming my phone starts going and grapes are being jammed into mouths.  About half way through we all gave up and just continued to watch a spectacular fireworks display while drinking more champagne and orange juice.  After that we all went to bed!

By the end of this week I was so exhausted, it had been so full on it was just crazy but fun all the same.

Monday saw me back at work as normal 😦

So Christmas and New Year was an interesting experience.  Definitely not the same as home, but it was great to see how the kids dealt with it all.

Cheese.  Well we all love cheese.  Some more than others.  Some like stinky mouldy cheese (yuck!) some like creamy cheese.

For some weird reason I have had this dream about cheese twice since being here.  Its quite random, especially since I don’t normally remember my dreams anyways.  So I have this dream and I wake up at what seems to be the end of it.  However I fall back asleep and have this dream about cheese.  Its like its the ending of my previous dream, but I cant remember the previous dream so I have no idea.

So my dream goes like this. 
I walk into a cheese shop.  Its huge and there is this old guy there.  In my first dream he didnt say anything to me.  I picked up my cheese (camembert – double cream) and leave.  I dont remember paying for the cheese at all.  But in my last dream the old guy told me not to buy the cheese.  But I brought it anyways and watched him while he cut of a big chunk of camembert cheese (altho in my dream it looks more like mozeralla cheese than camembert and I dont remember seeing the old mans face or hearing him talk – just that he had pure white hair).  Weird I know.  But that it is.  I take my cheese and leave.  I dont remember paying for my cheese and only in the last dream do I remember the old guy cutting it.  So if anyone knows what this dream means – feel free to leave me a message lol.

Last week I told the kids I would take them out to the Natural History Museum and then out for lunch at McDonalds – give Danny and Michelle some time to do what they want.  I had never been there before but had heard it was full of Dinosaur bones.  So Saturday morning I wake up and look out the window – someone really must hate me – it was snowing!  The kids decide they still wanted to go and it was only very lightly snowing anyways.  So we wrap up warmly and off we go.  They had a great time – even though it was only -4 degrees outside and snowing!  So I have photos of Dino’s that I need to upload at some point.

I brought my National Trust Pass the other day.  Didnt cost me very much and I get a free pair of binoculars with it too!!! But it gets me into all sorts of places in England and Scotland that once I have my card it wont cost to get into these places!!  So I made Amanda get hers too as it takes up to 28 days for it to arrive.  So it should be here in time for her arrival.

So Amanda gets here next month – Friday the 13th to be exact!  Sucks to be here hahahah!  She has her friend from Oxford collecting her from the airport and taking her back to Oxford.  So on the Saturday I’ll head out there for a long over due catch up.  God only knows what we will do – but being in Oxford im sure it will be fun.  We might do a sightseeing bus ride, depending on the weather and how tired she is.  But still should be a great day.  Then shes buggering off to stinky old Newcastle so once again she wont be here for my birthday.  Come on! I mean really weigh it up.  Sarah’s Awesomeness or newcastle with her weird grandfather????  Its a no-brainer really lol.

Ohhh got an email from Ryanair yesterday and they are doing £1 flights.  So Im thinking I might do a week in Stockholm!  £1!!! Cant bet that really!

Okay Im starving now and Ive managed to kill a heap of time so I had better leave it here.

Ciao xxx


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2 Responses to “Champagne, Cheese and Grapes”

  1. Holy Shitballs Batman and Robin! That is one loooooooooonnnnnnnggggggggg blog entry my dear! Glad to hear Xmas wasn’t as bad as you thought it might be – I’m quite looking forward to spending next Xmas with my reli’s that I only see once in a blue moon haha should be fun but I know I’ll be homesick when I ring home 😦
    Hey come on now do you not think I’d rather stay in London/Oxford compared with heading up to stinky Newcastle to stay with my weird Grandad?! you’re right it is a no-brainer but the mighty ‘pound’ (insert proper UK $ symbol here) wins over and he may be weird but he is the kind of weird that is free to stay with hahaha well apart from buying him beer down the pub I’m thinking! Find a flat for us both in London and I’m there hahaha 😀
    Go the champagne!!!!

  2. Definately one long posting, but it’s worth it. Your bosses sound like they know how to look after their staff for Christmas. Wish I’d known about the drink cos I’d’ve been there with you. Christmas sounded like a lot of fun and bless the snow footprints – saw them on your Flickr account just now. Let’s hope things continue to improve for you and that you have an awesome catch up with Amanda when she gets over here. xoxoxox

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