Isn’t it funny how a bear likes Hunny

I was on the bus this morning heading to the train station to go to work, when a song came on my mp3 player that reminded me of someone.  So this got me thinking.  Isn’t it funny how different songs remind you of different people.


Jessie’s Girl by Rick Springfield Reminds me of Ian when we were working at GPC in St Asaph Street.  We were hiding behind a shelf chatting about random non-work related stuff when this song came on the radio and both Ian and I said “I like this song”.


Touch the Sky by Kayne West always reminds me of Jess.  She had this as her txt message ring tone for so long.  It can become quite annoying when you hear 5-10 seconds of a song every minute for about 10 minutes lol.  But none-the-less it still reminds me of her.


Wake Up Call by Maroon 5 always reminds me of Jake and I have absolutely no idea why but it does.


Shake Shake by Metro Station.  This song reminds me of Paula from Haydn’s.  This song would come on the radio station and when it got to the chorus all you could hear was Paula going “ Shake Shake shake shake sh-shake shake” from the other end of the hall way.  It was absolutely brilliant.  And her stories about her gorgeous wee boys.


Take me on the floor by the Veronica’s.  Ahh DJ from Haydn’s.  The only reason this song reminds me of DJ is because for DJ it reminds him of me.  In all honesty I have no idea why either it was played at my leaving drinks but that’s the only thing I can think of.  It’s an awesome song though J


All Summer Long by Kid Rock.  I actually thought this song was going to make me deaf.  Every time this came on the radio Amanda would turn her radio up as loud as humanly possible and sing at the top of her lungs. Classic!!



Okay so Ive come to a road block now and can’t think of any more songs at the moment.  So we shall move on to a totally different subject now lol.

I once remember my sister telling me that every one has a twin.  I went to Intermediate School with a girl who had exactly the same name as me – first, second and last name.  But my sister knew a girl who looked like her – her supposed twin.

Since being in London and working in a large company I have discovered this is quite true.

There’s the guy who, from a distance, looks like Adrian, but close up looks nothing like him.

There’s the guy who reminds me of Ian, who’s name happens to be Ian – weird?

Then there’s the guy who reminds me of Dan (who I worked with at GPC).  This is just really weird.  This guy not only looks like Dan, but he dresses like Dan and walks like Dan.  It’s really bizarre

There’s the guy who sounds like Jono (who I studied with) when he talks but nothing else lol.

There’s the lady who I see at the train station every morning who reminds me of Penny.

The guy on the bus who looks like Jake.


So isn’t it funny how a bear likes hunny?


~ by adventuresofglittergirl on 24 December, 2008.

One Response to “Isn’t it funny how a bear likes Hunny”

  1. YEEEAHHHHHH!!! That Kid Rock song rocks the mostest!!! hehe still one of my favourites miss 😀

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