Tis the season to be jolly – apparently

Well its almost Christmas.  Where on earth has this year gone???

Danny and the Kids put up the Christmas tree on Sunday.  This was the funniest thing I have ever experienced.  It took 20 minutes just to get the Christmas tree straight!  By this stage the kids had lost interest and Danny ended up putting most of the decorations on the tree while Michelle read a magazine and I got in the way trying to take photos of this experience.  But the tree is now up and my Christmas Pressie from home is sitting under it waiting for me to open (altho I have poked it and shaken it and smelt it – just in case;) )

My job is still poos but Im going to put up with it until the new year and then look for something else.  In the mean time I shall go to work and get paid for looking gorgeous as Michelle puts it lol.

I really want a job that is more creative but I just have no idea what to do.  Im sure I will find something eventually.

I have decided that in the new year I am going to go to Arundel Castle for the day.  Ive been in love with this castle since I first saw it in Dad’s book when I was a kid.  I might do a weekend trip to Liverpool too.

It is SSSSSSSOOOOOOOO cold here, so we might actually get a white Christmas – although I wont hold my breath, plus im working through xmas and dont have the clothes nor the footware to deal with walking to the bus in the snow!

In the 2.5 months since I have been here I have managed to overcome my fear of Lifts and Soup.  Yep soup.  My mother will be on the floor in shock at the sight of that, I never eat/drink soup.  But I totally love Tomato Soup now!!  Weird ahe!?!?!?!  But anyways.

Nothing else really to report except the fact that its freezing 😦 but I thought I had better update my blog before I get told off again 😉


~ by adventuresofglittergirl on 10 December, 2008.

One Response to “Tis the season to be jolly – apparently”

  1. Yay for coming round on the soup thing! T.soup is da bomb 😀 I like it chunky tho….

    P.S – having a ‘shit-scared’ day today thinking bout leaving…. 😦

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