Fluff and Stuff

Once again I was told off by Mom for not keeping this up-to-date LOL

So here is my update.  Unfortunately since my last update I havent really done anything so there isnt a lot to report.  I started my job last week and its crap….its utter poos.  I hate being there and im not doing anything – but its a long story and I wont bore you all with the details.  So im back to looking for another job (dont panic i havent quit – yet), but at least in the mean time I am being paid to sit there and do nothing – which is quite boring.

Michelle and I went to Westfields on Saturday.  We spent about 4 hours out and only came home with 3 Christmas presents lol.  I still havent done mine though – i have no idea what to get the kids and only a few weeks to get it done *eeekkk*

I sent home my sisters birthday present on sunday too so hopefully that will arrive shortly after her birthday.

God Im really struggling for things to write this time – which is probably a good sign that I need to do something lol.

Okay so I have totally run out of things to write so Im going to tell you about the things I have noticed about living in London

1) Traffic lights flash Orange before they turn green – so if there are no pedestrans then cars can go, or so ive been told lol (good thing im not driving in London ahe lol)
2) In some of the bigger round abouts there are traffic lights right as you come off of it
3) It does rain as much as you think it does
4) Newspapers dont get delivered but at every station there is some annoying person shoving a free newspaper up your nose
5) Everyone listens to MP3 players because it takes so long to get from A to B
6) You need a large handbag to carry around your A to Z of London, an Umbrella and everything else you need to carry – keys, cellphone, camera, water bottle, gloves, wallet etc
7) McDonalds tastes even worse here but Burger King actually tastes like food!
8) Water tastes like it comes out of a swimming pool :S
9) People do jump infront of trains and they do announce it on the intercom in the train.  I was travelling on the Piccadilly line towards Holborn and they announced on the intercom that the Central Line was closed between two points because there was a person under the train – Seriously!

Thats about all I can think of at the moment.

On my last entry in here I had a lovely comment left by Belle from http://www.moving2london.com wanting to do a profile on my blog I have emailed them back but not heard anything yet but just incase they see this my email address is REMOVED but I thought it was really lovely.  This was an awesome website full of heaps of information!!

Ooohh we had snow the other day.  I woke up at about 8.30 to Hannah and Findlay waking Michelle up saying it was snowing.  I thought “yeah right – whatever” till i got out of bed and my feet grew icicles before they even hit the ground – looked out the window to a thin (ish) layer of snow on the ground.  Im so not looking forward to this winter.

Anyways I have waffled on for way too long now so I shall leave it here

Night All xxx


~ by adventuresofglittergirl on 25 November, 2008.

One Response to “Fluff and Stuff”

  1. Hehe I knew that about the traffic lights it’s random aye!
    O M G about the train jumpers! I bet you were like WTF while everyone else on the train didn’t react at all haha. 😀
    That’s so cool about your blog goin on the site!
    Keep up the updates missy moo 😛

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