Can you believe it….2 posts within the space of only a few days!!!

There are two reasons for this second update
Reason 1) I forgot to mention a few things
Reason 2) Some things have changed

So here goes…

Forgotten things.
I forgot to say that we had a few fireworks at home for the kids on Wednesday and then on Thursday we went out to Chiswick Park, where Michelle works, and saw a huge fireworks display there.  It seriously made the Brighton ones at home look really quite pathetic lol.

I also went to the new Westfields Shopping Center out in Shepards Bush.  This place is MASSIVE!!!  You can pay for people to park your car and you can pay for personal shoppers.  Some really huge names in there like Hugo Boss, DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Lacoste.  But so many other places such as Gap, Canterbury New Zealand, M.A.C Cosmetics, a place called BSB (which im pretty sure does not stand for Back Street Boys as this place was really funky looking), New Look, Warehouse (which always has gorgeous looking clothes).  This place is truely amazing, there are over 50 eateries.   Theres a huge Topshop and Marks and Spensers and Debenhams out there as well.  However I managed to go in there, look around and not buy anything….now thats impressive lol!

On Saturday I went out to the Lord Mayors Show, which is a parade through london.  Unfortunately there were so many people out there that it was near impossible to get good photos.  I did get a few but I dont have time to upload them at the moment, so I will try and do that later this week or over the weekend.

As for reason 2…things that changed.

Well I had a phone call from a guy from Badenoch & Clark Recruitment on friday afternoon telling me about a job they thought I was suited to.  So we arranged for me to go in and meet this guy at 12 on Monday and then head off to an interview with the company at 1.30.  So of course it was absolutely pouring with rain on Monday, but I made my way out there.  After a 15 minute delay on the District line, i didnt even think I would make it there in time, but luckily I did with only 5 mins to spare….good thing this was just the recruitment company.  So I get in there and I have to fill out the usual forms .. do i have a drug problem, do i have any disabilities blah blah blah its now 12.15 and I still havent seen the guy I am meant to be meeting.  At 12.30 I had to leave otherwise I wouldnt have made it out to my interview in time.  Just as I was explaining my situation to the lady at reception my phone is vibrating in my bag.  I leave quickly and listen to my message.  It was the guy i was meant to meet asking me if i was still on the tube and if I was then he would see me soon.  I delete the message and run (well sort of run…its hard to run in the rain in heals while trying to keep a heavy bag from falling off your shoulder while holding an umbrella lol) and just as I get to the station my phone goes again.  Its the guy i was meant to meet.  Romeo (like the car not like Juliet) he quickly explains and apologises that he didnt know I was there and he quickly goes through what I needed to know and then passes me to Victoria who knew more about the job.  She goes through it all, while im eagerly waiting to go into the station (stations are underground so no reception).  She wishes me luck and off I go.  I finally arrive at my destination.  Interview went well and the people there were really lovely.

At 3.30 I got a phone call from Romeo to ask for feedback on my interview.  i tell him i thought it went well and it sounds like an awesome job and lovely people.  Then at 7.30pm I got a phone call from Victoria asking me similar questions and then she asked me what I would think if they offered me the job. I told her that I would love it and it sounds really fun etc and she told me that I had the job if I wanted it.  So i start next monday 17th Nov.

So finally I have a job….only taken me….7 weeks lol.  but we got there.

Anyways thats all i have at the moment.  i will try and keep this updated more often but im not making any promises lol

Night all xxx


~ by adventuresofglittergirl on 12 November, 2008.

One Response to “Woohoo!!!”

  1. C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!!!!! SO glad you’ve got your job situation sorted!! xx 😀

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