Nobody knows tiddly pom how cold my toes tiddly pom

In case you cannot tell from my title of todays catch up blog – its getting a tad chilly!  Last week we went back an hour, so we are now 13 hours behind New Zealand and it now starts to get dark at 4.30pm….yep 4.30pm *sighs*  I really need to invest in some gloves and a skarf and I keep being told i need a warm hat too….can you imagine me wearing a hat!!??!! ROFL me either!

So I had to sit down and read what my last blog entry was about, because I honestly could not remember lol.  Which made me think that I really should update this more often (that and I rung home the other day and got told off by mom again coz I hadnt put new photos up and I hadnt updated my blog – whoops!  Then i got a message from Floss on Bebo telling me to update it – bloody hell people….gimme a chance!!)

In all honesty the reason I do not update my blog as often as I should is because I havent done enough to warrant an update every second day.  BUT I shall try my hardest to update this more often.

I set out on a mission to the London Zoo last Monday.  I took the Piccadilly Tube from Northfields Station to Piccadilly Circus and Changed to the Baker Loo line and stopped at Regents Park.   Its a 15 minute walk (apparently) from the Regents Park Station to the London Zoo.  However, I came across two wee squirrels playing in the leaves.  So i stopped to take some photos.  Next thing I know i had been there for about 30 minutes and it was getting bitterly cold.  So I flagged the Zoo and headed back towards home where it was nice and warm!

On Tuesday I got a package from home! YAY ME!!!!!! It had my external Hard drive with my music (geek much??), a Sleeping Beauty DVD (which they have just re-released) and lots of Perky Nanas and Pineapple Lumps (most of which are now gone – but i did share – honest!! lol).  It was really awesome to receive something from home!!!

On Wednesday Danny, Hannah, Findlay and I set off for Windsor Castle.  Unfortunately we didnt have all the time in the world so we only got through the State Appartments and St Georges Chapel.  The State Apartments had some awesome stuff in there.  Armour and Swords and things like that.  Plus you get Audio tours (which are just like remotes that you hold to your ear and listen to) that tells you about all the rooms in the building.  You can go through the rooms that were destroyed in the fire in 1992 which has now been rebuilt by the most amazing builders who have made the rooms look exactly like the rest of the place – if you didnt know there had been a fire in there (which I didnt till we got in there) you would never have known.  St Georges Chapel is amazing.  There is some awesome carvings in the building and you can go past the chamber where the Queen Mother is buried.  Unfortunately you arent allowed to take any photos inside the buildings which is a shame cause there is some awesome stuff in there.  However the one cool thing about it is the fact that the tickets we got to go in allow us unlimited access to the castle for a whole year.  So I definitely plan on going back as there is so much stuff that we didnt get to see.

Last friday I went out to Camden Markets again….man this place is like Freaks-R-Us.  There are so many awesome stands out there though, my sister Charlotte would love it out there – its very Gothic/Emo/Punk/Freaky.  Piercing places and tattoo places everywhere.  But the reason for heading out there was to find my sister a 21st birthday present.  And I got her something although I wont say what it is just in case she, for some weird reason is reading this – although i doubt it lol.  Just need something else to go with it then i’ll throw it through the post and hopefully it will reach her sometime this year!

Last Weekend I went to the new James Bond movie with Michelle and Danny and Michelles two friends.  It wasnt a bad movie but I think it could have been better.

Most of this week I have spent trying to look for a job.  I had an interesting experience with Office Angels.  I went in there to register with them.  They make you do all these tests – usually they are Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Typing Test.  But no… not this time…that would be too easy.  This time It was a Logic test.  Now for everyone who knows me will be on the floor laughing at about this point…for those who dont know me (I wonder how you are reading this) need to know that Sarah has no logic….no logic at all.  Even her Programming teacher told her this haha!!!

Anyways, I had an interview with a place called Fabric who are an IT company looking for a receptionist but I never heard back from them.  I had an interview with a recruitment company called Poolia today and they were lovely.  They are putting my CV forward to a Company on Oxford Street, but Im waiting to hear back about that.  However I just got a phone call from someone about a job, so I have an interview on monday at 1.30pm – so I’m waiting for them to send me all the details about it, as I have no idea where it is or who it is or anything.

Well Danny has just come home with the Kids and some chocolate cake (as its his birthday) so I am going to leave it there and eat my chocolate and read my photography & the Grazia magazine and maybe have another coffee 😛

Because this is so long i really cannot be bothered to proof read it so good luck making sense of this mwahahahahahahahahahaha


~ by adventuresofglittergirl on 8 November, 2008.

2 Responses to “Nobody knows tiddly pom how cold my toes tiddly pom”

  1. Hahaha love the Freaks R Us line that’s classic!!

    Good luck with the job hunt…. and finding a flat with a spare room (or comfy couch!) for MWAH! 😛

  2. BTW lovin the title of this blog hahaha brings back childhood memories!

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