A day in the life

Time for another update I feel.

Last Friday I spent the day in Oxford.  This place is truely amazing.  The architecture is wonderful.  However it is quite a small place.  Lots of people on bikes, so many bikes it was crazy!  I had an appointment with a recruitment company out there.  The lady was so lovely which was good and my assessments went okay.  I took so many photos out there but a small selection of them have been put up on Flickr for everyone to view.  It took an hour and a half on the train to get to Oxford, thankfully Michelle introduced me to the Grazier Magazine so I had something to read while i was on the train.  The only problem with this magazine is that it makes you want to go out and buy new clothes and shoes lol.

On Wednesday I went to the British Museum.  This is the best Museum I have ever been in.  Its an amazing building to start with, but what you find inside, its beyond words.  Its unbelievable.  You’re standing in front of some Egyptian Artifact, then all of a sudden it hits you that you are actually standing infront of an Egyptian Artifact…if you know what i mean lol.  But again a small selection of photos are up on flickr.

After the British Museum I went for a walk to Selfridges.  I had to walk out of there as soon as I could before I brought one of EVERYTHING.  This place is truely Heaven!  So much make up and all the big names too, and the bags! oh the bags!!! So you can see why I had to leave pretty quickly now????

I also went to Madame Tussauds the other day.  This place is pretty awesome.  Unfortunately Audry Hepburn didnt quite look right, and James Dean – no matter how gorgeous he was – God he was short!!!!!  Sean Connery is bigger (taller and broader) than you would expect.  George Harrison didnt look like him either which was silly.  OMG i went through the “Scream” which is taken through the basement of Madame Tussauds.  Its pitch black so you cant see anything but instead of it being Wax figures its real people and they jump out at you and whisper in your ear it was so awesome!  I loved it.  This one guy jumped in front of the girl behind me, who was only about 15 or so and she screamed so he thought hed try and get me…so he crept up behind me and asked me if i had any buttons … i just laughed he kept asking and eventually gave up and went to scare someone else.  It was so incredibly awesome, but unfortunately you werent allowed to take any photos down there which was a shame coz these guys and girls looked really cool with their fake cuts over there faces.  Then we went on a cab ride.  Its a whole heap of cabs all joined together and it takes you though “the spirit of London” which takes you through the plague and the rats and old London basically.  It was really awesome!

I saw a Fox playing in the back yard last weekend! I didnt even realise they had wild Foxes here, but apparently they do – they are called Urban Foxes apparently lol.

Still trying to find a job.

Well its all right, riding around in the breeze
Well its all right, if you live the life you please
Well its all right, doing the best you can
Well its all right, as long as you lend a hand

*Traveling Wilburys – 1988*


~ by adventuresofglittergirl on 26 October, 2008.

2 Responses to “A day in the life”

  1. Oh my word Sarah, I hadn’t realised you’d done so much. Sounds like you’re having a truly fantstic time. I really must get to Londond and Oxford and check out some of the things you’ve done. Let’s hope that some work comes up soon for you. Love the photos on your Flickr. They’re amazing 😀 xxx

  2. Ahhh busy busy Oxford and you’re right, bikes everywhere!!!

    You still sound in awe of our little Country and I’m so glad you’re getting to go and see things!

    I hope you can find a job soon Sarah and then you can get to play in Selfridges lol! I’ve done ‘scream’ and I was really scared, the cab ride is good though.

    Keep on having fun xxx

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