So im a little slack on updating this

Well I rung home the other day and got told by mom that i hadnt updated my blog, so I figured I had better get my A into G and update it.

Ive been here 3 weeks now, and I’m slowly getting used to the tube system. Its terribly confusing though, but I’m getting there slowly.

I finally put up a small selection of photos onto flickr (which are also on the side bar in here). Im so glad that I have been writing in my travel journals coz i can’t remember what I have done.

Danny and I went on a mission one Wednesday. We took the tube from Northfields Station and took it through to Piccadilly Circus. The architecture out there is just amazing. We walked so far and saw Big Ben, the Parliament Buildings. We saw the outside of Buckingham Palace where we also saw the changing of the horseback guard. That was pretty cool (thats my photo of the horses – unfortunately there were so many people there that i couldnt really get a good view of it but we still saw it!) We walked down along the Thames and saw London Eye (although we didnt go on it as the queues went for miles!). We kept on walking along the Thames and came across the Shakespearean Globe Theater which was so cool, we did a tour through the inside. Its all built to the same specification as it was way back when Shakespeare built it. It also has the only Thatched roof in London apparently. We also walked across the Millennium Bridge which leads out to St Pauls Church. On the same day we also walked through the Markets out by Covent Gardens. We walked for about 5 hours and we were both buggered by the end of it.

I have been through the V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum) this place is so huge! It did have an awesome fashion section in there. A lot of Asian and European stuff in there. It goes for about 4 floors and its just so much stuff to take in…and this is just ONE of their museums!!! There was another one next door to it, but by the time I had finished going through the V&A i was knackered, so I’ll leave that for another day.

Michelle and I went for a drive out to Hitchin, which is about an hours drive from here. Michelle went off to get her hair done and I went for a wander around the town. Cobbled roads and wonky looking buildings but very funky.

Last Sunday Michelle brought out a video that had been put together for her. It was video footage of her family and her parents getting married and things like that. It was amazing. Dad and Aunty Karen were in it when they were kids, and Granddad and Nanna were in it and even Granddads parents who ive never seen before. It was brilliant!

Ive had a lot of comments on my photos on flickr so obviously Adrian’s lessons paid off! (thank you Adrian – if you read this lol). Jake also left a wonderful testimonial on flickr about me and my photos (thank you Jake – if you read this).

I have been applying for jobs and now have an appointment with one of the lady’s at Reed Recruitment in Oxford on Friday, so I’m spending the day out there, I cant wait!

I went out to Chalk Farm yesterday and went to the Forever 27 Photo Exhibition, it was so awesome, very me! Although it was so much smaller than I expected I was glad that it was free, definitely not something I would have paid for as it was so small. But there was photos of Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin and Brian Jones. All of whom died at the age of 27. But it was very cool!

Im eagerly waiting for Amanda to get her bum out here…..i need someone to have stupid mindless conversations with….its just not the same through emails lol.

Anyways thats all I have, I will try and keep this more up to date lol
“Never trust a man who when left alone with a tea cosy, doesnt try it on”


~ by adventuresofglittergirl on 14 October, 2008.

4 Responses to “So im a little slack on updating this”

  1. Oi that’s my line!!!! haha I’m sooooooooooooooo over work at the mo aye I can’t wait to get over there and have random mindless stupid conversations whilst surrounded by castles and knomes 😀

  2. Wow Sarah, you have been busy. Well done on your mammoth walk round some of London. Your photos are amazing. Good luck with the interview xxx

  3. Hey Sarah
    I’m so envious! Was trying to use the school’s broadband to view your pics – quicker than my old dialup – hmmm – seems your content is unacceptable! LOL They are great photos. Love the angles you choose.

  4. hmm thats weird you should have been able to view them. Its set to safe so there shouldnt have been any issues lol

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