long overdue update

Well I made it in one piece.  36 hours it took and what a nightmare.  Id never do it again, I don’t care that it was cheaper doing it that way….i was shattered by the end of it.  In fact I was getting extremely frustrated by the whole process.

So I’ve been in London for a week now, still have no idea where anything is or even how to get there.  Its just so confusing.  The tube system confuses me completely lol but I’m sure after I’ve been here a while it will become second nature.

I havent done much in the way of sight-seeing yet as ive been so tired.  But Michelle and Danny (who I’m staying with – for those who didn’t know) have been really awesome.

I had orientation on the Wednesday after I arrived.  It would have been really good for those who didnt spend all their working day online finding out information (for anyone who wasnt meant to know that – please pretend that last sentence did not exist).  But Amanda (yep im gunna dob you in it now) and I came across some awesome websites such as Internationalfriends and moving2london as well as the STA website, IEP’s website and the BUNAC website, along with numerous other ones, so by the time I got to orientation I knew everything they talked about, which is awfully annoying as I had to get up so early and it took me an hour and a half just to get there lol.  But we live and learn – well so they say anyways.

I also saw a squirrel the other day and OMG they are just so incredibly cute!!!!!

I need to start looking for a job and a permanent place to live.  Its kind of frustrating because I know I dont want to stay in London, but unless I do some travelling I dont know where I want to base myself, so really i need to find a job in London, earn some stirling and then move on, but im too impatient….so i started looking for jobs in Scotland….i know random huh??  But i think that can wait.

My cousin Kelly is having her leaving dinner tonight, shes heading back home as of tomorrow.  So going to head out to that, so long as i dont get lost hahaha….it is possible you know.

Oh I went to my scrapbooking thing (for those who know what im talking about) it was amazing.  The ladies were lovely.  But ive never seen so much crafting stuff in one place in all my life.  And Londoners, being as rude as they are, it really did make for an interesting experience!!

As for photos, well i have taken only a couple and nothing really interesting, so they can wait till i can be bothered doing something with them.

I went for a stroll down Oxford Street the other day….omg!  I started at Piccadilly Circus and walked up regent street and all down oxford street, that was just amazing.  Masses and Masses of people all on one sidewalk, all trying to get into the shop before the other, all trying to grab the same item of clothing.  I tell you what, ive never met a bunch of people so rude in all my life.  Some really nice shops down there though.  UK fashion is so much nicer than NZ fashion, way more funky like.  Very Rock/biker chick.  Its awesome.  4 hours later, and my legs and feet were killing me lol.

Anyways I think thats all I have for now.  I will try to report back soon, but we shall see.  I might do some sight-seeing this week (depending on the weather – its meant to rain tomorrow and Wednesday) and I’ll upload some photos when i have something worth while.

Ciao for now!


~ by adventuresofglittergirl on 30 September, 2008.

5 Responses to “long overdue update”

  1. Yeah the whole trip to get there is exhausting aye? That’s second on my list of ‘Things I’m dreading’.. behind saying goodbye to the family 😦
    Shops & streets are manic aye!? Helluva change from wee City Mall 😀

  2. ive seen 3 squirrels so far 😛

  3. OMG bitch!!! ohhhhhh i want to see one! take a pic next time please so I can put it on my blog!!!!! 😀

  4. haha i’ll try but the buggers move so fast….i have a heap of photos to upload but will have to wait now as the kids will be home soon and it will be too noisy for me to concentrate. will try to get them up soon though (altho none of squirrels :()

  5. I’m so glad you made it in one piece and hope yo’re settling in ok. Yep, squirrels do move fast don’t they? It was so great to meet you the other week-end too. Take care. Love as always xxx

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