We are getting there – slowly

Well its been a long process but finally we are getting somewhere.

My visa has finally arrived (despite NZ Couriers sending it to Oamaru instead of Christchurch – retards lol) but it arrived so I have a lovely looking sticker on one page saying it is an ancestry/working visa.  Woohoo!!!!! 

Unfortunately, or maybe its fortunately – depending on how you look at it, my flights have been changed.  After struggling to find accommodation in Munich I have changed my flight so its just a transfer in Munich.  Due to Oktoberfest being on at the same time as my arrival it was just impossible to find something.  In some ways its a good thing and other ways its a bad thing.  It now means that I arrive in London sooner than I had planned, but it means I have time to get a UK Sim card and do my Orientation etc before the weekend!!  But in other ways its a bad thing, because I really wanted to go to Munich, however having said that, flights are so cheap from the UK that if i really wanted to I could do a weekend or whatever in Munich later on.  Who knows!!

Still trying to sort out this bloody bank account though.  After discovering that Travelex can set up a UK bank account from NZ, I went on a mission on my lunch break to see my bank to get a bank chq for travelex to set up this account.  The lovely lady at my bank asked what it was for as I was taking out my money and giving it to another bank.  So I told them I was setting up a UK account, her reply was, you know you can do that here?  OMG I didnt know whether to be relieved or annoyed as I rung customer services weeks ago and they told me no they didnt do them.  GRRRR.  So i set up an appointment with my bank to get it all sorted.  An hour later the forms were half filled out.  I have no idea if its going to work because they wanted to know who my employer was in the UK – I dont have one yet!  Then they wanted to know how much money I would be putting into the account each month…seriously people…who the hell knows this kind of information?!?!?!  I sure as hell dont.  The other problem was the fact that I have no bills in my name…in fact I have no bills period! So thats going to be another issue.  What a mission.  So we shall see how we go with this, and if all else fails I shall set it up when I get there, because as part of my package deal, BUNAC set up an account for you within one day when you arrive in the UK.  The only reason I am trying to set it up from here is because it means I will already have it set up and money in the account when I get to the UK and it means that I dont have to take it with me when I’m travelling there.  Aaahhh!! What a horrible process!  I tell you what this had better be worth it!

Other than that I think I have everything sorted.  Except for medical insurance – but with the prices they gave me I think I shall wait till I get there and hope I get employed by someone who does medical insurance 🙂

So anyways, there really isnt anything left to do now except sell all my crap (lots of scrapbooking stuff to sell if anyones interested lol) and wait.  I hate waiting.  Im not a very patient person.  Oh well, only 7 weeks to go….eeek thats a little scary when I think about it like that. Time has gone so quickly so hopefully the next 7 weeks should go quickly too.

On a sort of different note, Im looking at heading to the States for a few weeks next year.  Hopefully meeting up with Adrian in Seatle (so long as his work send him lol) and then doing New York.  Should be interesting, can’t wait to go to New York!!!!

I think I have bored everyone enough now so I shall leave it here.


~ by adventuresofglittergirl on 1 August, 2008.

13 Responses to “We are getting there – slowly”

  1. Wowzers Sarah things really are moving on arent they? What a minefield you have to go through though to get here. So glad your visa is sorted and that you may have your bank sorted out too. I still can’t believe how quickly you’ll be over here. Looking forward to seeing you sometime 😀

  2. I’m soooo sorry… i took one look at all that writing and just um had a brain freeze haha 😛

  3. PS… YOU are a geek!!! 😀

  4. haha thats because its too small to comprehend all that writing 😛

    You’re a geek 😛

  5. Oi! now that’s just mean! 😦 you are a pooface diddle dork…. HA!
    Good luck trying to find me when I’m in Oxford to re-imburse that “I’ll shout you bourbon for a year for sorting my finances” deal hehe…. If I were you I wouldn’t be on the lookout for a sexy geek… i’d be looking for a hunched-over old man with a cane and fake moustache and combover! 😀

  6. OMG now thats not very nice *cries*

  7. um which part haha cos i was describing myself as a hunched over old man with a combover and cane and fake mustache! (my devious disguise!) 😛

  8. oh im so confused now lol

  9. hahaha i mean I WAS THE SEXY GEEK you DORK!!! 😛 Now i’m upset that you didn’t get it! 😦

  10. oh right

  11. geeez louise! hmmph you suck! 😛

  12. apparently so lol

  13. I hope it all goes smoothly Sarah xxx

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