Well I finally did it.  I brought my tickets.  Well actually Dad did but still, tickets have been brought.

So i fly out of Christchurch on the 20th of September fly to Auckland then on to Los Angeles have an 8 hour stop over there and then onto Munich for 3 days.  Fly out of Munich and arrive in London on the 24th of September.

On the other hand, still trying to get my Visa sorted.  IEP said the British High Commission wont accept the birth certificate I had for my grandfather.  So I got a new one sent over from Scotland (after a lot of mucking around).  So i finally received it and it turns out it is exactly the same as the one I already sent away to IEP.  After emailing Scotland’s Birth, Deaths and Marriages they told me that the birth certificate they sent me was a legal copy and that it would be accepted by any Government agency.  After emailing IEP we decided to send the original birth certificate I had and send in the email Scotland had sent stating that it would be accepted by all Government agencies.  So now we are just waiting to hear.  Oh its such a horrible process.

However, I have decided that next year I’m going to head to New York for a wee holiday.

anyways thats all for now


~ by adventuresofglittergirl on 5 July, 2008.

2 Responses to “Woohoo”

  1. Woohoo, it really is happening ~ yay!!!!! xxxx

  2. Hey there, can’t find your contact details on the site so thought i’d leave a comment – I run the site moving2london – i luvvvv your blog and i wanted to thank you for linking to our site. Also wanted to know if i could put a link and possible a short profile of you on our new up and coming blog page. think what you have got to say will really help people who are on their way over.

    looking forward to your answer.

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