Oh No!!

Alrighty!  Time for yet another update.

So decisions have been made about how I am going to the UK.  Flying out on the 20th of September with a stop over in LA and then on to Munich for a stop over of about 3-4 days then on to London.  That was the easy part.

I sent my Visa application away last week to have them come back and say they wont accept the Scottish Birth Certificate I have, and that I need to have the original of both mine and Moms birth certificates.  This is proving to be extremely difficult and not overly cheap either.  After having numerous emails bounce back then go through and then bounce back again (how that worked im still not sure) I finally got somewhere and someone actually replied.  Except all their information states that they are “extracts” and not originals.  So at present I am so confused Ive got no idea what is going on.

On a different note, I handed in my notice last friday which was harder than I thought.  But they seemed to have taken it reasonably well and are even joking about the lack of sun in the UK.
I was meant to be buying my tickets in a couple of weeks but am now going to have to put it off until I know what is going on with the Birth Certificates.

I also brought a new camera.  A Canon 400D SLR … its so pretty lol.  But i havent had a chance to play with it yet as I was in Napier last week.  I had such an awesome time, and the people there are lovely.  I wish I didnt have to come home, now to convince them to come to the UK with me mwhahahaha.

I guess everything has a way of working itself out, but I really wish it would sort itself out sooner rather than later coz its doing my head in.

Oh well, as soon as I know something worth writing about, I’ll update this thing again.  In the mean time, Live like theres no tomorrow, Dance like no one is watching and Love like you’ve never been hurt


~ by adventuresofglittergirl on 10 June, 2008.

2 Responses to “Oh No!!”

  1. Awww Sarah (((hugs))) Glad you had a great time in Napier. Sorry to hear about the hassle you’ve got with coming to the UK. We do want you here, really we do. I so hope it gets sorted out soon for you. I love that saying at the bottom and I’ve used it in a couple of cards before. Take care. Love and hugs, Sarah C xxx

  2. Karma Sarah – what will be will be and you will be here in the UK via all the annoying and frustrating bits. Take each day as it comes, deal with it and move on. x

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