The ball starts rolling

Well its time for a second update which means that the ball has finally started rolling.

Last weekend I went in and booked the ancestry package through STA Travel (who are so extremely helpful).  Before i had even gone in to see them I had a few questions that needed answers before I made any decisions.  So I flicked them an email and after my questions had been answered I told them that i would be in on Saturday.  So Natalie at STA sent me through a couple of different prices for different flights, I didnt even need to ask them for it.

Natalie explained everything to me and after a few questions and answers I had officially applied for the package…which means the ball has finally started rolling.  By Monday afternoon I had received an email from IEP (who partner up with STA in New Zealand and BUNAC in the UK) to say they have accepted my application for the ancestry package.  So in this email there are 6 different attachments and SO much information to take in.  I havent even started the Visa application yet, I can only imagine how long that is going to take to fill in.

Now im trying to work out which way I am going to go.
Option One – Meet Kelly (my cousin) in LA in early October and then head off to Germany for a couple of days and then on to London…. or….
Option Two – leave in the middle of September have a quick stop over in LA then on to Munich for a few days then on to London….

its all so confusing

Anyways thats all I have for now


~ by adventuresofglittergirl on 22 May, 2008.

3 Responses to “The ball starts rolling”

  1. here is a comment.

  2. At least you have good options to decide between, Sarah! ;-)) Decisions, decisions…

  3. It’s all happening. What a choice to have xx

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